Hungary: Unemployment in Cserehát – local Roma collecting cherry

A report shot and edited by Cicsero - Viktor Siroki, Péter Siroki and Laci Siroki

This film is a product of Cicsero, the Independent Roma News Agency of Cserehát run by local Roma people in Hungary. The current report is about local Roma grabbing the very little job opportunity in Cserehát, the most marginalised region of Hungary. They collect cherry in a nearby village as occasional work. In Cserehát the unemployment rate is 4.8 per cent higher than the national average. See translated version here:

An excerpt from the report:

“I am not working anywhere at the moment. I am on jobseekers allowance. Next month I am going to receive 15 000 HUF (appr. 56 EUR). We work until 4 p.m., and we get 3500 HUF (appr. 13 EUR) in the evening. Whether it is worth or not, we must come. Sitting at home and being inactive is not good. Here at least the day passes quickly and we earn some money, too,” one of the workers shares her thoughts with us.

About Cicsero began its activity in October 2008 in Cserehát, which is a small and marginalised region in the North-East part of Hungary. Cicsero’s mission is to provide written and audio-visual news about issues related to the Roma minority living in Cserehát and to show the local and minority angle.


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Date: 30/09/2009





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