Conservation and Sustainable Development at Krast area in Kien Luong District

From October 7th- 8th 2009, Center for Biodiversity and Development (CBD) coordinated with People Committee in 4 communes in towns including Binh An, Duong Hoa, Binh Tri and Kien Luong to organize the community workshop “Conservation and Sustainable Development at Krast area in Kien Luong district” in Kien Luong district, Kien Giang province of Mekong Delta, Vietnam. This workshop was funded by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN-Vietnam).

The workshop's goals were to collect the demand from the buffer zone communities at Hon Chong area in Kien Luong district so that it plans to natural conservation and development at Hon Chong area and Kien Giang Biosphere Reserve area. The workshop assessed the villagers’ demands on conservation and development at Hon Chong natural reserve area.

Krast, natural resources is reserves high in Kien Luong district, not only potentiality for economic but also it is for culture, history and national defense of Kien Giang’s people and Mekong Delta area. Its studies and researches show that biodiversity on fauna and flora is rich and special.

Krast mountain mainly includes 4 communes and town in Kien Luong district (Binh An, Duong Hoa, Binh Tri communes and Kien Luong town. It has been exploiting over from the companies to produce cement. Environmental pollution problem, the villagers are urgent with dust pollution. In addition, the fauna and flora at Krast area are urgent in the locality by exploiting Krast to produce cement.

The workshop organized in 4 communes, town in Kien Luong ditrict and it was collected 109 people from communities at Hon Chong krast area, including 24 women and 29 Khmer ethnic group. Most of participants who live long time ago at the locality, who are most understanding about the livelihoods, cultural, economic and social at the locality. During the workshop, research team collected the solutions and opinions from who is representation’s community at the local. That is information sources needed and important, the goals build to plan conservation for biodiversity and sustainable development at Krast area in Kien Luong district.

Ly Quoc Dang, writer

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Date: 20/05/2010




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