Iran: A letter to UN about human rights breach in North-Khorasan region

On June 2015, the Kurdish - Kurmanji language course classroom was shut down. This class was in the Kish - Arya centre in Bojnord the capital of North of Khorasan region, Iran. Kurdish – Kurmanji language is about more than 75% of the people in the region of North of Khorasan, number about 2 millions.

Education and teaching in Kurdish - Kurmanji language is one of the cultural demands of the indigenous people in the region of North of Khorasan from the state administration of President Rohani, and it was one of his promises to the Iranian ethnic nationality groups in presidential election time, which is completely legal based on article 15 and 19 of Iran’s constitution law and the international conventions which has signed by state of Iran, but our legal demand is not attained in the schools of North of Khorasan region yet, Minister of Education, Mr. Ali-Asghar Fani, is direct responsible for this discrimination, injustice and human inequality.

This situation and mentality of denying minority's rights must be changed and education in our native mother language to be started in the region as soon as possible.

Please see the rest of the letter here.

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Date: 05/02/2016





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