Panama: Current reality and key concerns of the Afro-Panamanian population

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Interview with Afro-Panamanian community organizer Samuel Samuels.

From the early colonial period Afro-Panamanians have played a significant role in the creation of the republic.  

The descendants of the Africans who arrived during the colonial era are intermixed in the general population or are found in majority Afro-Panamanian communities along the Atlantic Coast .

Other Afro-Panamanians are the descendants of later migrants from the Caribbean, who came to work on railroad construction projects, commercial agricultural enterprises, and especially, building the canal.

In an audio interview with Samuel Samuels, member of the Afro-Panamanian umbrella organization, Coordinadora Nacional Organizaciones Negras Panameñas, he discusses themes such as the need for a more accurate census of the current Afro-Panamanian population, as well as the ongoing need for greater social and economic inclusion and increased participation of young people  in national political processes.

Running Time: 9min. 22 secs

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Date: 13/10/2011




Culture and Tradition
Racism/Discrimination/Hate speech

Press Contact Information

Name: Samuel Samuels;Coordinadora Nacional Organizaciones Negras Panameños

Telephone: +507 642-29621

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