Ahwazi Refugees plight in Al-Waleed camp

Ahwazi people who faced death threats and fled Iran have found themselves in horrendous conditions in a displacement camp in the desert. The camp lacks adequate facilities and there is an absence of medical care amid extreme weather conditions. Children, women and the elderly have died due to the lack of adequate healthcare. The nearest hospital is four hours drive along a dangerous route. The tents are overcrowded and many residents have chronic respiratory ailments, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems. Tents fill with water when it rains, and temperatures can fall below freezing in the winter. In the summer, temperatures rise above 50C, while sandstorms, fires, snakes and scorpions all present dangers. With no sewage system, waste water runs openly through the camp, leading to a higher occurrence of disease and infections among children who play between the tents.

The following letter by the Ahwazi Organisation for the Defense of Human Rights explains the severe conditions in the Alwaleed camp.

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Date: 02/08/2011




Racism/Discrimination/Hate speech

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