Recent attacks on women in the north and east of Sri Lanka - impunity and lack of rule of law.

In the month of August 2011 many women in the north and the east of Sri Lanka have been attacked individually, and the female population terrorized more generally, by unidentified men, attackers now colloquially referred to as ‘Grease Yakas’. These incidents and the response of law enforcement and government agencies indicate a larger problem in the law and order situation in the north and east:  the systemic failure of the rule of law and the consistent inability, or unwillingness, of law enforcement authorities and the state to hold the assailants accountable. While noting that there have been alleged attacks outside the north and east, this statement concentrates on this region alone.

Attached here is the full report from Sri Lanka's Women's Action Network, which is based on testimonies mainly of minority Tamil and Muslims affected by this recent wave of violence.

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