Iran: Torture, Imprisonment and Summary Execution for Ahwazi Arabs

Conducted behind closed doors, before biased judges and in the absence of legal representation, the unfair trials of Arabs in the al-Ahwaz region are part of a long-standing persecution of this minority group in Iran. Despite the fact that this recurring miscarriage of justice is in flagrant violation of the Islamic Republic's constitution, Iran's jails are filled with Ahwazi political prisoners who face brutal punishment, a lifetime in prison or execution.

This new report by Rahim Hamid sheds light on this failure of the Iranian regime to respect the civil rights of its Ahwazi Arab minority. A member of the Ahwazi Organization for the Defence of Human Rights, Rahim reveals that over the past decade, at least 40 Ahwazi Arab prisoners ranging from poets, teachers, bloggers and human rights activists have been executed as a result of unfair trials. Rather than finding reasonable evidence for the commission of a crime, judges generally rely on confessions, which have been drawn out from the accused through physical torture and psychological duress. Meanwhile, friends and relatives of the accused are kept in the dark, often not informed of where their loved one has been imprisoned, or even buried. 

Photo: Arab men in al-Ahwaz, Iran. Credit: Soudeh Rad

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Date: 13/08/2014




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