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Netherlands: Territories in Dispute Conference

On the 30th May - 1st June, the University College Roosevelt of Utrecht University will hold a two-day conference titled ‘Territories in Dispute: Epistemologies, Resistances, Spirtitualities and Rights’. The conference is hosted by the University College Roosevelt, Utrecht University, University of Deusto, University of Milan, EURAC research, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology and the Human Rights Centre of Ghent University. 

This conference aims to bring together indigenous leaders, civil society members, academics and the student community in Middelburg to discuss and search for re-definitions that can be used to protect and promote the rights of Indigenous Peoples. Some of the topics for debate include:

  • alternative understandings of western conceptions of nature/resources/progress that could be used to defend the rights of indigenous peoples;
  • what is meant by the 'mode of existence’
  • how indigenous women are facing the intrusion of modernity in their territories;

and a number of other topics.

If you are interested in submitting a paper for this conference, the submission deadline for paper proposal (300 words + author's biography (150 words max.) is: 30 March and 30 April.

In case you would require a notification of acceptance and plan your journey (book flights, accommodation, etc.), 30 March is the earliest date. Please note that the city of Middelburg gets busy during the week of the conference, therefore we recommend you do all the reservations on time.

Click on the link below to learn more about the conference and the papers you could submit.



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