Lo Más Visto

Iran: A letter to UN about human rights breach in North-Khorasan region

Nigeria: The Ogoni film (working title)

India: My 98 days in detention; Illegally framed in a criminal case.

Nigeria: Ethnic Minorities under Threat

Syria: ESU condemns heinous attack against civilians in Nzalin, Qamishli

Iraq/Syria: ESU Statement on International Day of Genocide Victims

MRG Podcast: January 2016

Iran: Regime forces shoot teenage Ahwazi boy dead for protecting his food stall

Kenya: Minority within the minority - The Ogiek in Narok. Photo story.

Iran: New 'I recognize Al-Ahwaz as an Arab State' media campaign gains 1,000 prominent Arab supporters within the first two days

Pakistan: Celebration of Minorities' Day

Kenya: Inspection panel faults World Bank for ‘noncompliance’ with own indigenous peoples and involuntary resettlement policies

Indonesia/Tanzania/Paraguay: How indigenous people can use the law to fight the takeover of their lands

SWM 2015: The San in southern Africa – adjusting to urbanization as a first people

Iran: Report exposes widespread job discrimination exercised against Ahwazi Arab people

SWM 2015: USA - Detroit – rebuilding the city from the bottom up

SWM 2015: Honduras - The Garifuna’s battle to protect their land from urban development on the ‘Banana Coast’

Republica Dominicana: Empoderamiento y cambio social a traves del teatro

SWM 2015: Bolivia - Promoting indigenous participation in Santa Cruz de la Sierra

SWM 2015: Libya - Hopes and fears in cities after the fall of Gaddafi

MRG and ACGRC calls on Armenia to adopt an anti-discrimination law

SWM 2015: Israel/Palestine - Life in a divided city – one Palestinian community under threat in East Jerusalem

SWM 2015: Dubai - Everywhere but invisible – the continued marginalization of migrant construction workers

Kenya: Being Maasai - Photo story

SWM 2015: Turkey - Little change, two decades on, for displaced Kurds

Global: African History Month 365 Days Concepts

SWM 2015: Brazil - Preserving indigenous heritage in Rio de Janeiro

SWM 2015: Bulgaria/Hungary - Strategic Litigation for the Housing Rights of Informal Dwellers

SWM 2015: Poland - Remembering Warsaw’s Jewish community through heritage conservation

Pakistan: New Blasphemy Case is Registered

Zambia: Aba Twa, Dancers of the Gods

SWM 2015: Lebanon - The disappearance of Wadi Abu Jmil, Beirut’s Jewish district

SWM 2015: UK - Gentrification brings new challenges for Brixton’s minority communities

DRC: MRG's Head of Law visits Batwa communities

SWM 2015: China - Urbanizing the Trung – one of China’s smallest officially recognized minorities

SWM 2015: Mexico - Sexual violence against indigenous women in Ciudad Juárez

SWM 2015: Mali - Cultural heritage as a vehicle for peace in Timbuktu

SWM 2015: Rwanda - Promoting peace through sustainable urban development in Kigali

Middle East: Rifugio, a new book about Christians of the Middle East

SWM 2015: Hungary - How the redevelopment of Józsefváros is pushing out Budapest’s minorities

SWM 2015: Bulgaria - Segregated and excluded – the situation of Roma

New MRG documentary/Pakistan: Shaheedo Tum Kahan Ho - a film about Pakistan's Hazara

Ukraine: Report on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Syria: ESU condemns killing of Assyrian civilians from Khabour by Isis

SWM 2015: Ukraine/Russian Federation - Deteriorating rights for Crimean Tatars under Russian rule

Iran/EU: Massive Ahwazi demonstration in Brussels commemorates the 90th anniversary of the Iranian occupation of Al-Ahwaz

SWM 2015: Somalia - Minorities on the margins of Mogadishu

SWM 2015: Kenya - Urban migration and the loss of traditional culture among Endorois youth

Georgia: More voices against intolerance needed

Iran: Outbreak of communicable diseases claim the lives of Ahwazi Arab prisoners

Nepal: Indigenous languages on the verge of extinction

Iran: The oppression of Ahwazi Arab people in Al-Ahwaz

Iran: Cancer cases rising at an alarming pace in Al-Ahwaz

Israel: Adalah demands establishment of health clinic in Kohleh and Makhool villages in the Naqab

Nepal: How to save indigenous tongues from extinction

Iran/EU: Ahwazi mass demonstration in front of the European Parliament in Brussels

USA: An Affirmation Poem Written For Minorities

Iran: Extreme poverty causes rise in suicide rates among Ahwazi Arabs

Jordan: Bedouins, a lifestyle in disappearance

Africa/USA: Future "Big Africas"

Nepal: Muslims still being punished for 2004 hostage massacre

Iran: Enforced addiction to narcotics kills thousands of Ahwazi Arabs

Bangladesh: Hindus under threat

Nepal: VIDEO - The exclusion of indigenous people in political decisionmaking

DRC: Journée Internationale des Populations Autochtones

USA/Africa: A Farewell To Elombe Brath

Iran: Ahwazi Arabs forced to drink contaminated water amidst government river diversions

The Manu Project: Building a 21st century queer totem for Auckland Pride

Sri Lanka: Who is responsible for attacks on innocent Muslims in Aluthgama Town?

Philippines: Indigenous women express support for Andrea Rosal

SWM 2014: Drawing the line between hate speech and freedom of expression in Canada

Iran: Ethnic cleansing and oppression practices of Iranian regime against Ahwazi Arab villages

Nepal: UN rights experts apprised of violation of rights of indigenous Pradhan Newars for construction of a mega business complex

Nepal: Indigenous people - still a long way to go

SWM 2014: The disturbing rise of hate speech against Koreans in Japan

DRC/Australia: 'Still a Pygmy'

Iraq: One year on and thousands of Yazidis remain uprooted

Uganda: Local rights organisation deeply concerned about tension between Batwa and Bakiga and calls for immediate investigations of incidents of arson

Kenya: Preparing for REDD in the Embobut Forest and forcing Sengwer People “into extinction”

SWM 2014: Using radio as a tool for peace in Burundi

Bangladesh: Education on human rights for minority groups

Egypt: TEDx talk - A Love-Hate Relationship with Revolution

Uganda: School feeding program increasing Batwa pupil enrollment

Thailand: Karen woman fights for justice over husband’s disappearance

SWM 2014: Addressing the vulnerability of South Africa’s migrant communities

SWM 2014: Using the internet to pre-empt hate speech in Kyrgyzstan

SWM 2014: The dangers of living as an undocumented migrant in Morocco

Nepal: Indigenous locals demand that development projects respect their rights

Cambodia: Indigenous groups recall painful past

SWM 2014: The role of civil society in countering hate speech in Burma

EU/Iraq/Syria: Breakthrough EU resolution supporting Nineveh Plain Safe Haven

Nepal: Indigenous women want recognition and equality

Belize: US Capital Energy and Government of Belize Taunt Supreme Court SATIIM file for Injunction

SWM 2014: Countering racism in South American football

SWM 2014: Hate speech and Saudi Arabia’s Shi’a minority

Nepal: Indigenous youth need support

SWM 2014: Video report - Annual survey warns of severe consequences of ignoring global hate crime towards minorities and indigenous peoples

Iran: Racial Discrimination Plagues the Lives of Millions of Ahwazi Arabs

SWM 2014: Using street theatre to tackle discrimination in the Dominican Republic

Bangladesh: SHAREE investigation finds rampant discrimination in allocation of Religious Affairs budget

Minorities at the UN: Javed Anis, Urban and Rural Growth Academy Bhopal, India

Tanzania: UN demands information from gov't on eviction of Maasai

DRC: Congolese journalists learn to report on indigenous groups

Nepal: Is REDD+ indigenous-friendly?

Zimbabwe: Mthwakazi leaders' rights abused

Sri Lanka: The Forgotten People: 24 years of Forcible Eviction of Northern Muslims

Iraq: Ezidies after escaping from mass killing, rape and dying from dehydration

SWM 2014: Kenya/Tanzania - Defending land rights in the face of hate speech

Burma: Press release by people forcibly relocated due to Myitsone Dam project

SWM 2014: Taking steps to promote peace and reconciliation in West Africa

UN: Appointment of Special Rapporteur reflects important place of minority rights in UN system, MRG

Chile: Watch a new trailer for a film on Easter Island's indigenous people

Nepal: Bridging the Gap at the 20th International Day of the World's Indigenous People

Iraq/Turkey: 15,000 Displaced Yezidis in Turkey seek mass exodus to EU through Bulgaria

Syria: Assyrian villages in Khabour, Syria under ISIS attack

Minority Voices Podcast - April 2015

España: La exclusión de la comunidad gitana es 'alarmante y empeora con rapidez'

SWM 2014: Rising hostility against Bulgaria’s refugee population

Nepal: Supreme Court directs Government to address issues of free participation of indigenous peoples in constitution-making process

Cambodia: Lao minority fight to retain their language

Nigeria: Amnesty to Boko-Haram, a misnomer

Iran: April 20 marked as the day of the Ahwazi revolution

DRC: Les Populations Autochtones Pygmees Faces Au Processus Electoral En RD Congo

Philippines: Not a 'mass grave,' Ligiw family slay are extrajudicial killings--IP group

India: Union Budget 2014-15 yet again belies expectations of Dalits, Adivasis

Burma: Systematic sexual violence in ethnic areas, new report

State of the World's Minorities and Indigenous Peoples 2015 - focus on cities: Case studies

SWM 2014: The impact of violence on communities in Boma Sub-County, South Sudan

Morocco: The Threshold of the Desert

SWM 2014: The unequal application of hate crime legislation in Hungary

Tanzania: Maasai Villagers Win Fight For Information about Land-Grabs and Forced Eviction

Sri Lanka: Statement at 6th Session of the UN's Forum on Minority issues

Philippines: Cordilleran human rights worker gunned down in Ifugao

Nepal: Indigenous Magars submit memorandum against preparations to declare buffer zone around Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

SWM 2014: Understanding the dynamic of communal riots against Muslims in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts, Uttar Pradesh, India

Kenya: Hindus urge Kenyatta to visit Kisumu Sikh Temple to show support

Nouveau documentaire MRG/Mauritanie: Esclaves et discriminee: l'émancipation des femmes Haratines

Norway: Global indigenous preparatory conference underway in Alta

SWM 2014: Ukraine fails to address hate crime against migrants and other groups

State of the World's Minorities and Indigenous Peoples 2014: Case studies

Nigeria: Ogoni People give gov't 90-day ultimatum to implement UNEP report during celebrations to mark International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

Minority Voices Podcast - August 2015

Kenya: The customary bylaws of the Chepkitale Ogiek of Mount Elgon

Armenia: Young minority leader preserves Yezidi identity and language

Egypt: Controversial laws regulating NGOs result in fines and imprisonment

Philippines: Junk the EPIRA, VAT to suppress energy rate hikes-IP group

Indigenous Peoples and the UN: Triumphs & Tragedies

Philippines: KAMP condemns slay of Pablo survivor, IP rights defender

Taiwan: Chairperson of Council of Indigenous Peoples interrogated in parliament

Kenya: Campaign against harmful beading culture in Samburu communities

Nepal: Supreme Court decision on participation of indigenous peoples in constitution making process deferred again for 4 April

Georgia: Bishop Rusudan Gotsiridze speaks at the 6th UN Forum on Minority Issues

Bangladesh: the decline of a vibrant Bihari craft

Nepal: Indigenous governing institutions form rights alliance

New MRG documentary film: 'Noun' - a film about the current challenges facing Iraqi Christians

Egypt: Copts of Wasta face unknown future

Nepal: Muslim leader killed, community calls it a political murder

Egypt: Christians victims of the growing Islamist non-Islamist divide; the urgent need for peace and reconciliation

Iraq: Religion and identity

Iran: Harrowing report reveals discrimination against Ahwazi Arab workers

Zimbabwe: Zanu PF targets San leaders

Namibia: Himba people protest against dam and attempted bribery

Video: Minorities and indigenous peoples suffer more ill health - State of the World's Minorities and Indigenous Peoples 2013

VIDEO: Speaking out for minority women in Somalia

Egypt: Landmark verdict, judiciary repeals Presidential decree on demolition and renovation of churches

Egypt: Christian churches under attack in Minya

UK: Chagossians protest MPA outside UK Court of Appeal

Philippines: Bajao Community in the Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan

Kenya: Street theatre group release film promoting peace ahead of elections

Uganda: 'Batwa may be poor, but they have immense cultural wealth'

Nepal: Muslim leaders form alliance to press demands

Nigeria: Ogoni people hail London court ruling against Shell

Zimbabwe: Matabeleland Youths Arrested for Demanding Fairness in Employment

Ukraine: Crimean Tatars are being neglected

Burma: Leaked documents expose government complicity in persecution of Rohingya

Kenya: Speaking of Home - The Story of the Mount Elgon Ogiek

Nepal: Supreme Court decision on indigenous participation in constitution making process deferred again for 4 March

VIDEO: Interviews with editor and author of MRG's State of the World's Minorities and Indigenous Peoples 2014

Europe: A bike ride to meet linguistic minorities

Egypt: International Religious Freedom Report welcomed

Turkey: European Syriac Union present annual report on Syriac to EU Commission

Egypt: Part II - Minorities in the constitution draft, a step back

Pakistan: Karachi unrest, the role of the media and the courts

Maasai villagers turn to US courts for information on abusive evictions by US safari company

Pakistan: Campaign for religious minorities in Balochistan

India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal: Call for UN focus on Dalit women - MRG co-host event

Cameroon: UN experts on minorities and indigenous peoples concerned about destruction of pastoralist homes

SWM 2015: Resilience despite adversity – adapting indigenous communities to climate change in the Pacific region

Egypt: Liberate the emirate of Delga

Sri Lanka: Who will listen to our silent cry from the wilderness?

SWM 2015: Thailand - Promoting a more inclusive tourism industry for Chiang Mai’s hill tribes

Democratic Republic of Congo: Forest Peoples Programme launches pioneering book on indigenous peoples free, prior and informed consent

Burma: Despite the ceasefire, health care woes continue in south-east

Proyección del documental “Say My Name” en Barcelona

Cambodia: In remote Ratanakkiri province, resource exploitation puts pressure on indigenous communities

Lithuania: Obstacles to Roma Education in Kirtimai

Burma: communal violence in Rakhine state

Egypt: Group denounces forced abduction and conversion of Coptic girls

MRG film to be screened at Barcelona exhibition

Burma: Network calls for action for rivers

Pakistan: Geneva event - debate on UN review

Nepal: Time to honor the history of indigenous with the Federal Structure

From Cardiff to Los Angeles through a documentary

Syria: Christians in the crossfire

Bangladesh: 95 percent Dalit cleaners lived in poverty

Nepal: Will Supreme Court decide to provide for participation of indigenous peoples in constitution making process through their freely chosen representatives?

Hungary: Roma children arbitrarily separated from families

Egypt: Promotion and protection of the identity of religious minorities

Nepal: Indigenous and local communities call on World Bank to seek alternatives for construction of Khimti-Dhalkebar 220 KV Transmission Line

Egypt: Nubian community health support systems

Belize: The "bitter sweet" ruling of the Court of Appeal

Fiji: Disputes over Chiefly status in the Ai iTaukei community

Cowboys vs. Indians in Nicaragua's 'Wild East'

MRG Podcast March 2014

EU: We report back - Cypriot development practitioner talks about their challenges prior to the Presidency

Egypt: Copts face discrimination & violence in aftermath of coup

Iraq: MRG's Head of Conflict Prevention speaks on situation of ethnic minorities and religious groups at the European Parliament

EU: We report back - Hungarian development official says EU Presidency had a positive impact on development cooperation

SWM 2014: Vietnam: raising awareness and challenging prejudice in the media

India: Photo story – Marginalised Sidi community rebuilds a lost cultural identity

Kenya: Forceful evictions of Maasai from Narasha a recipe for ethnic clashes

Botswana: Bushmen face imminent eviction for ‘wildlife corridor’

Colombia: Short film on the exploitation of natural resources, conflict and displacement

Guatemala: Edgar Pérez - Genocide and justice

SWM 2015: India - Discrimination against Dalit women in Ahmedabad

Palestine: Interview with Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh, human rights activist

Sri Lanka: Buddhist extremists attack innocent Muslims

Vietnam: Taidam “paenk khwan” ceremony

Philippines: Tumandok people march against Jalaur Dam

Iraq: We remember the martyrs of Simele massacre in August 1933

SWM 2014: Tackling Islamophobia in the United Kingdom

South Sudan: Interview with Paul Oleyo Longony, Boma Community Initiative

Georgia: Photo exhibition highlights fragile Dukhobor culture

Syria: Fears for ancient Christian communities continue

Italy: San Sperate (un)welcomes Roma

Kenya: Stop forced eviction of indigenous Sengwer/Cherangany people

Egypt: Three Churches Pray for Abducted Minor Christian Girls

Europe: Video - 20 years of the Office of the High Commissioner for Minorities

SWM 2014: Legislating against and countering hate speech in East Africa

Pakistan: The Christian Sweeper Community, Pakistan's Untouchables

Lithuania: Nobody wants a 'gypsy' on their staff

Burma: Continued fighting causes human rights abuses and health concerns in non-ceasefire areas

Bangladesh: Temples and residences of Hindu minority attacked in Rajganj of Begumganj

Cambodia: Roza Dao speaks at the 6th UN Forum on Minority Issues in Geneva

SWM 2015: Philippines - Supporting indigenous livelihoods in Baguio city

República Dominicana: Estado admite su desacato de la Sentencia de la Corte IDH en Yean y Bosico

Iran: Torture, Imprisonment and Summary Execution for Ahwazi Arabs

India: Gita's Story

Iran: Deadly sewage threatens millions of Ahwaz Arab people

Iran: Alarming statistics of increasing cancer in Ahwaz region linked to air pollution

Mauritius: Creole Chief Inspector challenges law preventing police officers joining union

SWM 2015: Kyrgyzstan - Life as a migrant in Bishkek – a Tatar women tells her story

Colombia: estudio sobre la comunidad de mineros de Buenos Aires, Cauca

EU: We report back – Hungarian development official gives good tips to Poland and Cyprus on the EU Presidency

Pakistan: UN review - Urgent protection needed for minorities

State of the World's Minorities and Indigenous Peoples 2013: Case studies

Discrimination on religious grounds still persists in secular Nepal

Bosnia: Listen to an interview with Sheri Rosenburg on Minority Rights and the Principles of International Intervention

India: West Pakistan refugees stateless even after 65 years of Independence

Philippines: Human Rights Superbody 'We will find no justice from the perpetrators'- indigenous peoples

India: Kuki State Demand Committee launch "Quit Kuki Land" Movement

MRG’s Carl Soderbergh addresses the 6th UN Forum on Minority Issues in Geneva

MRG Podcast: May 2013

India: Dalit women face violence and barriers to justice

Mauritania: Video - Haratine women of 'slave caste' perform traditional song

EU: We report back - Lithuanian development official says media should inform the taxpayers about state development programmes

Argentina: MRG report on health launched at UNICEF event

Burma: Army commander’s wife violates rights of ethnic minority soldiers’ wives

Georgia: Armenian political prisoners Armen Gevorgyan and Ruben Shekoyan released from prison

UK/India: Dalit Documentary Screening at East End Film Festival

EU: We report back – Hungarian development official says water as a priority was a timely initiative during the Hungarian EU Presidency

China: Maternal deaths remain high for ethnic minorities

New report: Conflict Early Warning among the Somali, Turkana, Maasai, Samburu, Ogiek and Endorois Communities of Kenya

EU: We report back – Hungarian development practitioner gives good tips to development NGOs in Poland and Cyprus

EU: We report back - Lithuanian development practitioner says media could play an active role in the promotion of development issues

Tanzania: Maasai Women Taking Bold Stance to Protect Land Rights

Belize: Maya People Return to Supreme Court for Protection

EU: We report back – Hungarian MEP says human rights-based approach is crucial at both the policy and the programming level

Libya: Amazigh freely celebrate New Year for only second time in centuries

Nigeria: Genocide in Plateau state

Syria: Map of Western (Syrian) Kurdistan

EU: We report back - Lithuanian development official talks about Presidency priorities and the Lithuanian development cooperation

SWM 2014: Countering hate content in Pakistan's school textbooks

Philippines: Blaan family massacred, IP killings rise to 28

Iran: The weapon of forced displacement against the indigenous Ahwazi Arabs

Mauritania: Interview with lawyer Me Elid Mohameden

Burma: Ongoing Impunity, Continued Army Atrocities against Kachin People

Liberia: Land reforms must learn from and protect communities' customary land and resource rights, urge Grand Cape Mount communities in new report

Botswana: Government plans to cut off social services to induce indigenous Basarwa out of Ranyane Settlement, leaked confidential report

Global: European Parliament urges the EU to fight caste discrimination

Bangladesh, Chittagong Hill Tracts: We are Indigenous not 'Bengali'

Afghanistan: Interview with Hazara activist Fakhria Ibrahimi

Where is the dignity of Burma?

Thailand: Documentary film - jungle dwelling indigenous community threatened by influx of 'outsiders'

Iran Fires 105 Ahwazi Workers

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Village of the Forgotten Widows

SWM 2014: Action against untouchability in Bangladesh

Vietnam: The “xain sub kher” ceremony of Taidam people

Egypt: National Security Department’s actions heighten tension between religious groups

State of the World's Minorities and Indigenous Peoples 2013: Interview with MRG Director of Policy and Communications

Egypt: Minorities show unity at crucial conference


Guyana: Court ruling violates indigenous peoples' rights

Pakistan: Religious minorities must be rendered equal

Nepal: Overfishing destroys minority community's livelihood

Jamaica/Global: Marcus Garvey's Legacy

MRG at the UN: Minority women face increased risks in conflict

MRG Podcast February 2014

Lithuania's Roma - stateless and excluded

Belize: EIA 'consultation' neither free nor fair

Burma: Kachin group slams China’s new CSR report on Myitsone dam

Peru: ¡Aquí estamos! Niñas, niños y adolescentes afroperuanos

Tanzania: October cyclical drought should not catch government unaware

Philippines: Indigenous people's group alarmed at rising human rights violations

Egypt: International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances

EU: We report back – Hungarian Parliamentarian says charity is a thing of the past

Peoples under Threat 2013: podcast on religious minorities in Pakistan

EU: We report back – Polish development practitioner talks about the NGDO Platform’s Presidency project

Kenya: MRG's Head of Law visits Endorois community in the Rift Valley

EU: We report back – Kenyan activists explain the benefits of the human rights-based approach in practice

EU: We report back – Polish development official talks about Presidency priorities

Philippines: Police, security push protesters from mining conference

Pakistan: Photo story - the daily life of Christian workers

SWM 2014: The experience of Central Asian migrants in Moscow, Russia

Pakistan: Representation of Religious Minorities in Print media

Zimbabwe: San elders make anti-discrimination case before minister, receive children's learning materials in symbolic act

35 videos documenting caste discrimination across India launched

EU: We report back – Hungarian development official says transition experience is an added value of the New Member States to development

Sri Lanka: Indian Tamils - A fertilizer for the economic well-being of the country

Ethiopia: Foreign aid must not support oppression in the Horn of Africa

Iran arrests, tortures and kills Ahwazi Arabs in new clampdown

Namibia: 1000 Himba and Zemba protest again against dam and human rights violations

Italy: Afraid of enjoying their rights: eviction of the Roma in Cagliari

EU: We report back – Czech development practitioner says human rights-based approach is a lens to global issues

Cameroon: Participation of Minorities in 2013 Elections

Mass protests in India to reclaim Dalit budgetary rights

EU: We report back – Hungarian development official says human rights-based programming can make development cooperation more sustainable

Under Media Blackout 12 Arab farmers Killed by Iranian Forces in Swiseh village

Iran: Repressive Regime to Expand its Prisons in Ahwaz

Kenya/Ethiopia: Conflict between Kenya’s Turkana fishermen and Ethiopia’s Dassanech peoples causing humanitarian crisis

State of the World's Minorities and Indigenous Peoples 2013: Interview with South Asia author

Africa: Civil society representatives across Africa root for pro-poor land policies

Minorities at the UN: Couples in inter-caste marriages face rampant discrimination in Nepal

India/Burma: Hopeful Chins Look to Don Bosco Ashayalam to be a Saving Grace

Nepal: Indigenous Tharus in the east mark their win over Regional Waste Management Project

Namibia: UN Envoy says minorities and indigenous peoples crave inclusion

Burma: Children in Thai refugee camps face few prospects

Pakistan: Let Her Rest in Peace – A Hindu Girl Buried in a Muslim Graveyard

Zimbabwe: Helping minority youth find a political voice

Minorities at the UN: The socio-economic empowerment of women in Kenya

Colombia: San Juan community assert their rights

Colombia: Interview with Dr Andy Higginbottom on the links between mining, militarisation and displacement

Moldova: Using the UN Declaration on Minorities to combat intolerance

Ensuring minority rights in Nepal's new constitution

Kenya: MRG's Head of Law addresses Ogiek about pending legal case

Kenya: National park to be created on Samburu land without their consent

Cameroon: violent repression against the Mbororo

Burma: Drug use and rights abuses in Burma's ethnic areas out of control

Burma: Stateless Rohingya Children are deprived of Education at Home and Diaspora

Syria: Call for the European Union and the international community to protect minorities and the democratic movement

Malaysia: The road to Murum dam

Egypt: forceful relocation of Christians from Rafah, Sinai

EU: We report back – Polish development practitioner says NGOs could be champions in the implementation of the rights-based approach

Kenya: The impact of land-grabbing, displacement and discrimination on health

Bolivia: Traditional healers and climate change

Colombia: Defeating Invisibility - Landscapes of Violence and Human Rights Violations Against Afro-descendant Women

Costa Rica: Final Declaration of the First World Conference on Afrodescendant Youth

Philippines: Indigenous Peoples group slams DOJ dismissal on ‘Capion massacre’

India: Communal violence against Muslim minority in Madhya Pradesh

Philippines: Lumad village suffers third forced evacuation in 5 months

Burma: Regime's land grabs disrupt lives in minority communities

Pakistan: Access to water key to development

Kenya: In politics there are no permanent enemies, only permanent promises

Indonesia: local governments pass laws discriminating against the Ahmadiyah community

Yemen: Al-Akhdam face brutal oppression

Cambodia: Proposed NGO law will threaten advocates from minority, indigenous communities

MRG Podcast: November 2011

Phillipines: Indigenous peoples denounce rape of minors in Benguet, demand military pullout in all indigenous communities

Rwanda: Afisa's story - looking forward to a bright future

Georgia: Armenian political prisoners Vahagn Chakhalyan released from prison

Colombia: Interview with Hollman Morris, director of MRG documentary 'Suarez Gold'

Nepal: New report on protecting minority rights in federal systems

Minorities at the UN: Effective participation of Dalit women in India's economic life

Pakistan: Human Rights Commission of Pakistan releases State of Human Rights in 2012 Report

Philippines: Youth indigenous leader tortured and killed

Sri Lanka: villagers denied right to return home

Cameroon: The trial of Musa Usman Ndamba - further evidence of discrimination against the indigenous Mbororo community

Iran: Repression of Azerbaijani-Turkish community intensifies as presidential election approaches

Libya: Tafsweet Amazigh cultural festival in Jadoo

Canada: Racism Reborn

Somalia, Kenya, USA: In Nairobi Neighborhood, Somali Refugees Dream of a New Life in Seattle

Philippines: Military actions will sustain pangayaw in SMI-Xstrata mine site

Mauritius: New group denounces discrimination against Creoles

Syria: New report on right to self-determination of Kurds

Turkey: Dam deluge for Kurds

Turkey: Refugee camp for Syrian Christians in Turkey sparks controversy

India: Mass mobilisation to urge government to implement Special Component Plan and Tribal Sub Plan

Mauritanie: La blessure de l'esclavage

Indonesia: Soldiers use live fire, make mass arrests at Papua rally

India: Arbitrary arrest of Christian human rights defender

EU: We report back – Polish development official argues for the inclusion of beneficiaries in development programmes

Sri Lanka: Arrest and abduction of human rights activist - No progress in investigations

Democratic Republic of Congo: Indigenous organizations call for humanitarian assistance for displaced Batwa people

Namibia: German GIZ directly engaged with dispossessing indigenous peoples of their lands and territories

Guatemala: Interview with Isabel Turuy Patzan, Representative of the 12 Communities in Resistance

India: Kuki blockade Manipur highways in last ditch attempt to force government to dialogue

India: Rehabilitation drive for manual scavengers

Minority Voices Podcast: September 2014

Uganda: Batwa – sexual violence and lack of health care spreads HIV/AIDS

India: Dongria Kondh take mining battle to Supreme Court

Vietnam: weekly market attracts minorities from the culturally diverse north

EU: We report back – Development expert says human rights-based approach can be an effective tool to development in the hands of the New Member States

Kenya's fisherwomen helping themselves out of poverty

MRG Podcast: October 2011

Sri Lanka: The Price of Tea - campaign video supporting Tamil tea pickers

Minorities speak at the UN: Kenya

India: Land and life lost in Bihar

Kenya: Photo story - Maasai forced from homes by power project in Hell's Gate National Park

India: Scavengers’ march sends message of hope

Philippines: Violations against indigenous peoples soar under Aquino administration, rights groups claim

Cameroun: La situation des minorités Montagnardes

Burma: Resource development fuels ethnic conflict

EU: We report back – Development officials from DfID and SIDA says human rights and development are interconnected

African Canadians: Navigating the Ontario justice system & rebuilding young lives

Injustices with minorities in flood relief in Pakistan

Iran: Azeris protest against dams and government neglect

Philippines: Indigenous peoples condemn military harassment of UP students

Phillipines: ‘Where is your title?’ asked NCIP Commissioner to protesting IPs

Pakistani schools portray Hindus, minorities negatively: US study

Egypt: Coptic community prepares for coming parliamentary elections

MRG Podcast: September 2011

Sudan: Intisar Sharif Abdullah walks free, MRG letter to Minister of Justice in Khartoum

Can minority and indigenous women benefit from international agreements?

Bangladesh: An indigenous Jummo girl child is raped and brutally killed by settler Bengali

MRG Podcast: February 2012

EU: We report back – Journalists say media in the New Member States are inward-looking

Russia: Indigenous health care system in the remote areas of the north

Le invitamos a la presentación de una película sobre discriminación en África y el Caribe

India: Dalit women trained on advocacy

Kenya: MRG Street Theatre Programme spreads messages of peace

Cameroon: Ethnic minorities petition Biya over marginalisation

Video: Interview with Professor Heiner Bielefeldt, UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief

Papua New Guinea: Police raids around Porgera gold mine

Burma: Mega-dams to impact thousands

Egypt: Copts "exposed to daily assaults" says Chairman of rights group

Sudan: Correction - Intisar Sharif Abdulla still in custody

Nepal: expert panel best guarantees IPs rights in new constitution

Colombia: Strengthening Afro-descendant Community Councils, part II

India: Anti-corruption movement excludes minorities

Burma: International support needed to protect Rohingyas from persecution

Afro-Colombian women defend their heritage

Philippines: ‘Oplan Bayanihan’ blamed for spate of human rights violations on indigenous peoples

Malaysian police raid AIDS fundraiser at a church

UK/Mauritania/Global: Actress and writer Meera Syal supports Minority Rights Group BBC Radio 4 appeal

Guatemala: Stove project to improve cooking methods

Iran: Mayor Fires 400 Ahwazi Workers

A poem from Iran: Al Ahwaz, it shall be free

Bangladesh: Minority Hindu girls raise their hands

Nepal: launch of 100 day campaign against caste discrimination and untouchability

Colombia: Strengthening Afro-descendant Community Councils, part I

Australia: Aborigines halt Rio Tinto mining project

Minorities at the UN: Improve access to early childhood services for Roma in Europe

Pakistan: Religious diversity must for peace, development

Ethiopia: Outrage as World Bank funds power lines linked to controversial dam

Police crackdown on Human Rights defenders in Malaysia

Philippines: indigenous peoples, environmentalists ejected from mining conference

India: Community groups campaign for religious freedom

Nepal: UN welcomes new law on caste-based discrimination

Egypt: Criminal court sentences whole Christian family to hard labour

New report: The effect of conflict on the Ik minority in Uganda

Honduras: Preserving native Bay Island culture and involving youth on Roatan Island

Philippines: indigenous activist killed in the latest of a series of deadly attacks

Bangladesh: A hard life in the camps for Urdu speaking minority

New Video: Peoples under Threat 2014 - interview with MRG Executive Director

SWM 2014: Photo story

South Sudan: Civil society organisations call for urgent intervention as humanitarian crisis looms in Boma

New report: 2011 a turbulent year for Iran's Ahwaz

DRC: Buela community at a disadvantage

Colombia: Community Councils bring real and lasting benefits for african descendants

Colombia: nuevo documental - Hacienda Cañasgordas: Arqueología del Relato

Cambodia: Indigenous women face pressure at the forefront of land rights advocacy

Madagascar: Rio Tinto’s history of human rights abuses

Demolition of Armenian Church’s bell tower in Tbilisi, Georgia

Interviews with activists: Johanne Ongbenok, Director of FONDAF, Cameroon

Minorities speak at the UN: Kyrgyzstan

Mauritania: Why do Haratine women still live in slavery?

Iran: Baha’i educational programme targeted in raids

Chile: Easter Islands, silent genocide

MRG Podcast: June 2011

UK/India: UPR reviews at the UN, time to act on caste discrimination

Nepal: More violence sparked by inter-caste marriage

Southern Africa: San Peoples sign common rights declaration

China: Tibetans stop mining on sacred mountain

China: Hard times for nomads in Tibet

Israel's Bedouin Arabs at risk: the Prawer plan

Iraq/Kuwait: Kuwaiti family faces discrimination

Ahwazi Refugees plight in Al-Waleed camp

Kenya: Songs, drama, artifact exhibition colour Ogiek community cultural day

Thailand: Annual festival supports hill tribe communities' education

Bangladesh: Dalits demand adequate housing

Minorities at the UN: Guarantee the rights of minority women in Kyrgyzstan

India: Dalit homes destroyed without warning by Delhi authorities

Sri Lanka: laws fail to protect minorities

MRG Event: Business, natural resources and minority rights

Photo story: Peoples under Threat 2014

Pioneering use of street theatre to tackle prejudice in Rwanda

Minorities speak at the UN: Georgia

MRG Podcast: January 2012

Russia: Coal smog settles over Siberia

Iraq: Violence against minority women is rife and poorly addressed

Thailand: Migrant workers exploited amid floods, rights groups warn

Kenya: An Ogiek woman's journey to liberation

New report: Dynamics of conflicts in Kenya's Mau Forest Complex, towards an early warning system

Iran uses intimidation to deter Arab protests

Pakistan's leaders promise equal rights for minorities

Burma: Military targeting civilians in Kachin State

Nepal: activists call for Dalit rights to be enshrined in new constitution

Burma: Dams feed ethnic conflict

India: Warrant issued for police officer who removed turban

Suriname: Saramaka win case in human rights court

Argentina: Radio programme on the Barlovento Group

UK/Nigeria: Stop gay Biafran activist Joshua Odeke from being forcibly deported on 7 June

Minorities speak at the UN: Uganda

Burma: Foreign investment is a catalyst for conflict

Argentina: Programa Radial sobre la Legitimización de las tierras Mocovies

Nepal: Feminist Dalit Organisation celebrate International Women's Day

India: Mining, conflict and Adivasis

Belize: Photo story - Oil drilling on Maya and Garifuna land

Pakistan: Study shows Christians in Lahore lag behind in education, employment

China pressured Cambodia to deport Uighur refugees: Wikileaks

Iran: Four Ahwazi Human Rights Activists Arrested for Organising Arabic Cultural Activities

Zimbabwe: San people forced to abandon their homes in search of water

Kenya: Fishermen abducted by Ethiopian militia

India: Dalits demand land rights in Bihar

Nepal: impunity for perpetrators of communal violence

Namibia: Protest by Himba and Zemba Indigenous Peoples

Minorities at the UN: Eradicate racism towards Afro-Latinas in Latin America

Kenya: Obstetric fistula – a preventable but deadly condition for mothers in sub-Saharan Africa

China digs in across conflict-ridden Burma to access oil and gas

Vietnamese and Thai authorities blocked launch of human rights report

Iran: New wave of demonstrations in Iranian Azerbaijan suppressed by riot police

India: Why Dalits and Minorities fear Freedom Struggle

Philippines: Indigenous groups condemn slaying of prominent activist

India: Discrimination against Dalits still rife in Madhya Pradesh village

Africa: New land grabs exposed. Asian palm oil companies run into trouble

Kenya: minority and indigenous women face multiple discrimination

Ecuador: One indigenous woman’s perspective on discrimination in the health system

Argentina: Radio Programme on African-descendant self-recognition in the Americas

New report: Preventing Conflict in Karamoja, Uganda

Botswana: Diamonds bring no benefits to Basarwa

Philippines: Indigenous peoples wary over new mining policy

Pakistan: Religious Minority Rights; challenges for a new Government in Islamabad

Voices of Pakistani Christians and Sikhs

Europe: Corporate abuse flows along BP’s oil pipeline

Cambodia: Communal land titles awarded, but indigenous land remains under threat

Interviews with activists: Patrick Kensenhuis, Member of The National Assembly of the Republic of Suriname

Burma: Interview with Salai Za Uk Ling, an activist with the Chin Human Rights Organization

Bangladeshi government blocks EU-funded anti-torture project

Cambodia: in advance of Khmer Rouge trial, a new book detailing Cham women's experiences under the regime

UK: Dale Farm residents resist controversial eviction by Basildon Council

South Asia: Dalit women voice concerns at the UN Forum on Minority Issues

Uganda: Land injustice for the Basongora

MRG Podcast: August 2011

Cameroon: Mbororos petition government over delay to implement commission findings

Nepalese Minority Groups; Struggle for Identity & Representation

Kenya: Flood hits Maasai land again

Philippines: Northern folk barrage mining companies in the Metro

Minorities at the UN: Crimean Tatar women face unemployment and discrimination in Ukraine

Minorities speak at the UN: India

Libya: Amazigh demand equality and respect

Panama: Afropanamanian Newsletter October 2011

Cameroon: Justice for victims of powerful commercial landowner

Peru: Afro-Peruvians submit report to UN human rights committee

UK/Nigeria: London Igbos march in protest against killings committed by Boko Haram

Cameroon: Anti-'Pygmy' and Mbororo Hate Campaign on DBS TV

Vietnam: New wave of arrests for religious activists

New - full version of MRG documentary : A Journey to Imja Lake - Climate Change in the land of the Sherpa

Iraq: Christian remembers brutal attack on Baghdad church

Tanzania: Pastoralists face famine as effects of drought are worsened by government neglect

Uganda: Meet the first Mutwa graduate

Russia: Sakha protest mining rush in Siberia

Ecuador: Indigenous justice and Ecuadorian state laws. Interview with Ecuadorian lawyer Mercedes Zambrano

Israel: Interview with Hanan Al Sanah, a Bedouin womens' rights activist

Somalia: testimonies of violence from minority women

Israel: Uphold the right to land and decent living for Bedouins in the Naqab


Sudan: Urgent action - 20 year old Intisar Sharif Abdulla sentenced to death by stoning

South East Asia: The campaign against destructive palm oil

Chile: Anti-terror law used against Mapuche activists

Nepal: Dalit girls' education suffers due to late start at school

MRG Podcast: May 2011

MRG Podcast: April 2011

Panama: Current reality and key concerns of the Afro-Panamanian population

Indigenous Chichewa dictionary launched in Malawi

Ethiopia/UK: Oromo rally in London

Interviews with activists: Ahamat Molikini says Tibu minority still face oppression in post-Arab Spring Libya


Iran: Deliberate 'linguicide' of Arabic language in Al-Ahwaz

Burma: conflict leads to spike in trafficking of Palaung minority

Dominican Republic: Marginalized, harrassed and criminalized

Kenya/Ethiopia: Escalation of border conflict between ethnic communities

Russia: Reindeer herders seek deal with energy giants

Iran: River diversion dries up Ahwazi Arab land

Cambodia: Bilingual education offers opportunities to indigenous communities

India: Power of participation - women’s groups dramatically improve health for Adivasi mothers and newborns in eastern India

Colombia: Land rights defenders remain under threat

Minorities at the UN: Protect the rights of Kurdish women in Turkey

Minorities at the UN: Ensure Dalit women's political participation in India

Bangladesh: Rohingya refugees suffer from lack of documentation

India: Gauri's story

Kenya: What the Constitutional Court’s ruling on boundaries and electoral areas means for minority communities

Kyrgyzstan: Sexual and gender-based violence

Event: Brussels screening of new MRG film on discrimination in Africa and the Caribbean

MRG talk: Land Grabbing and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights

Philippines: KAMP calls for justice over Lumad killing

Interviews with activists: Sidney Francis, President of the Central American Black Organization

Philippines: legal changes needed to address inequality of Muslim women

Pakistan: Arooj Khalid addresses the UN Forum on Minority Issues in Geneva

Minorities at the UN: Improve education for minorities in Zimbabwe

MRG Documentary Film: Say My Name - using street theatre to combat discrimination in Rwanda, Botswana, Dominican Republic and Kenya

Government of Kenya given ultimatum to resolve Mau Narok land issue

State of the World's Minorities and Indigenous Peoples 2012

India: Adivasis fight mega-dams

Egypt: Al Kalema Centre condemns attacks against Anba Beshouy monastery

Tanzania: Government unrelenting on parceling out Maasai land in Loliondo

Gabon: Mining, dams and repression

The situation of Sri Lanka’s northern Tamils three years after the war

Foreign investment threatens Burma's ethnic minorities: report

A scientist discusses glacial retreat in the Himalayas

MRG Podcast: March 2011

Philippines: Indigenous peoples condemn killing of Margarito Cabal

Nepal: Killing underscores persistent problem of inter-caste discrimination

Nepal: Dalits hope their true numbers will be revealed in census

Young Journalist Award runner up: A grassroots revolution

MRG photo story: Uncertain future for Israel's indigenous Bedouin

Mauritania: MRG visits Haratine community as part of campaign to end slavery

Colombia: Ruta Pacífica rechaza acciones guerreristas contra organizaciones de mujeres y defensoras de Derechos Humanos

Pakistan: Small ideas brought benefit to poorer communities in Pakistan

A Journey to Imja Lake: Climate change in the land of the Sherpa

Human Rights Day Celebration in Ndugulu, Kenya

Young Journalist Award runner up: Human rights repression in Western Sahara

Support the peaceful demonstrators in Syria

Malaysia: Possible crackdown on marginalised Indians

Mauritius: Poverty and exclusion in an ethnically-plural society, new study

EU: EC representative discusses the role of EC delegations on the ground

Bangladesh: MRG visits a Dalit Sweeper colony in Dhaka

Bangladesh: Religious minorities (Hindu, Christian, Buddhist) must be counted in census if elections are to be fair

Malaysia: Indigenous groups contest mega-dams in Sarawak

Philippines' indigenous groups protest mining exploration on ancestral lands

Christian and Sikh minorities in Pakistan

Peoples under Threat 2013 photo story: Risk of mass killing reaches critical level in Africa and the Middle East

Colombia: Un poema sobre la solidaridad entre los pueblos

MEPs: The EU must act now to help end one of the biggest human rights issues in the world

Cambodia must provide citizenship to Khmer Krom refugees: human rights group

Kenya: Endorois Traditional Song

India: Dalit Christians in search for justice

Kenya&EU: Maasai activits and EC representative discuss EC

Hungary: Halmaj under water

MRG Podcast: February 2011

Ethiopia: Land grabs fuel violence in Gambella

Adivasis of Bangladesh: a year of broken promises

Kenya&EU: Maasai activist compares financing procedures of USAID and EC funds


Minorities at the UN: Uyghur women face severe rights violations in China

Ethiopia: Forced displacement and ‘villagization'

Thailand: Indigenous people penalised for carrying out traditional practices

Argentina: 2010 Census - Successful or not?

India: Dalits unable to access government disaster relief programs

EU: Minority Voices - a community-based media initiative

Bangladesh: Government closes down project for human rights defenders

Young Journalist Award runner up: Respect Wanted: Domestic Workers in Bolivia

Young Journalist Award runner up: Street racing queen of Ramallah

The situation in the Syrian Kurdish areas worsens

Cambodian indigenous group threatened by rubber company

Al-Ahwaz: Iran's best-kept dirty secret

Kenya&EU: Maasai activist advocates for participation in EU development projects

Kenya: Beads of Bondage - How beads are used to ‘book’ Samburu girls into sexual relationships

Cambodia: A member of the S'aoch minority tells a story in his language

Photo story: Inside Egypt's Revolution

Kenya: Endorois activist says women's rights need to be fulfilled

India: Affirmative action is needed to improve schooling and employment opportunities for Dalits

Activists call for end to violence against the world’s ‘untouchable’ women

San Andres, Colombia - We stay with nothing

Uganda: Batwa Sounds

Nepal: A farmer discusses the effects of glacial melt in the Himalayas

Cambodia: Kuy people rally to save ‘our forest’

Sri Lanka: Women From The North And East Call For Real Peace, Justice And Accountability

Interviews with Activists: Ann Sintoyia Tome and Mariamu Ntausian Lekisemon on right to education of Maasai girls in Kenya

Cattle rustling in South Sudan

Interviews with Activists: Rorian Cherono on the Ogiek of Kenya

MRG Podcast: October 2010

Canada: Interview with Chief Wilton Littlechild

Kenya: Justice for Indigenous Peoples - The Endorois Case

Asia: Farah Mihlar and Samia Khan discuss conflicting interests within minority communities

Minority religious places of worship Malaysia

Pakistan's Christian Leader Buried In His Native Village

Uzbekistan/Kazakhstan: Retreating Aral Sea displaces Karakalpaks

Photo story: a trip to El Carmen, the cradle of Afro-Peruvian culture

MRG Podcast: November 2010

Cambodia: forum seeks ways to address marginalization of indigenous peoples

New report: Urgent measures needed to protect all ethnic groups after recent South Sudan attacks, MRG

India: Raising awareness about India’s Prevention of Atrocities Act among Dalits is a key issue to give meaning to the law

Tanzania: MRG's Head of Law visits Maasai communities pitted against safari company over land dispute

Interviews with Activists: Ann Sintoyia Tome and Mariamu Ntausian Lekisemon on oppression of Maasai women in Kenya

Sri Lanka: Improve protection for women migrant workers

Meet the Activists: Esther Somoire

Interview: ethnic tensions, cattle raiding in Sudan

Interviews with Activists: Yaseen Ibrahim and Jamia Abdur-Raheem on Nubians in Kenya

Kenya&EU: Maasai activist says access is limited to EC delegations in Kenya

Yemen: voices of the Akhdam minority

Hungary: Cicsero - the story of a Roma news agency

Pakistan’s Dalits denied flood relief because of caste discrimination

EU: New member states of the EU need to open up to developing countries

Full length documentary from MRG and Hollman Morris: Suárez Gold - Afro-Colombian miners defending their heritage

Cambodia: Evictions from around the Boeung Kak Lake

Our Dance, Our Identity

Interview with MRG Director Mark Lattimer: Minorities face attack as revolutions sour in Middle East and North Africa, says new global Peoples Under Threat survey

Peru: Addressing the needs of marginalized communities in policy formulation and programming

Bangladesh: Smoke in the hills. A story by Per Liljas, winner of MRG's Young Journalist Award

Kenya: Beading young Samburu girls into sexual bondage

Syria in change - Solution for the Kurdish issue

40 Years Protecting Minorities

Syria: Between The Barbed Wire

New Report: Inter-community conflict in Jonglei State, South Sudan

Young Journalist Award runner up:The Ghosts Without Pigment

EU: Farah Mihlar discusses what difficulties minorities and indigenous peoples face when doing advocacy

Afro descendant in the Americas: A Struggle for Recognition

Cambodia: French linguist Jean-Michel Filippi talks about the ancient language of the S'aoch

MRG Podcast: December 2010

Kenya: MRG condemns targeted attacks on Ogiek activists

Boletin Informativo JENHeration

India: Orissa Freedom of Religion Act 1967 is Anti-Minority

Hungary: Rap in Halmaj

Syria: Kurds killed, abducted and subject to surveillance by security forces

Interviews with Activists: Daozhang Ng Chek and K Shanmuga on Muslims in Malaysia

Oromo Refugees trapped in Libya with nowhere to turn

Current drought severely affects minority communities in East and Horn of Africa

Film: State of the World's Minorities and Indigenous Peoples 2012

Religious minority activists in Malaysia discuss problems facing their communities

Sri Lankan women's groups demand road access for displaced people through famous nature reserve

Minorities struggle with identity and discrimination in divided Cyprus

Interviews with Activists: Thomas Philips on religious minorities in Malaysia

Malawi to celebrate World Mother Language Day

Iran: Stop Ethnic Cleansings In Ahwaz

Kenya passes anti-FGM law, will it stop the Cut?

Interviews with Activists: Paul Oleyo Longony on the implications of Sudan's referendum for minorities

EU: We report back - Minorities and Indigenous Peoples’ Conference on EU Development Policies

Garifunas en Nicaragua

MRG at the UN Forum on Minority Issues

Conservation and Sustainable Development at Krast area in Kien Luong District

Egypt: A Step Back for Minorities in New Draft Constitution?

Belize: SATIIM's Oil Summit

Cynthia Morel discusses a landmark ruling on indigenous land rights

Burma: Kachin women trafficked into forced marriages, prostitution in China

The global pandemic of environmental racism and corporate impunity

Recent attacks on women in the north and east of Sri Lanka - impunity and lack of rule of law.

Cambodia: Khmer Rouge leaders charged with genocide against minorities

Bangladesh: 'Rohingya – a people without hope', winner of the Minority Voices young Journalist Award

10 years after legal victory still no resolution for Chagossians

Laos: Minority Hmong may be held at abusive detention centre, rights watchdog says


Syria/Iraq: Toward the end of Syriac Christians?

Botswana: Lentswe La Batswapong

Ethiopia: Obang Metho condemns ‘Life Grabs’ and the Second Scramble for Africa

The State of Minority Groups in Azerbaijan

Photo story by Eric Lafforgue: Stick fighting day in Suri tribe, Ethiopia

Photo Story from Kenya and Uganda

Life on the edge; the Mbororo of Cameroon

Namibia: Indigenous groups' long road to claim their rights

Botswana: The Unique Dance of Vekuhane

State of the World's Minorities and Indigenous Peoples 2011

Malaysia: The story of a famous, yet invisible Bajau man

Interview with Akli Bessadah: an Amazigh who escaped Libya

Burma: Children displaced by war face hunger, forced labor

Iraqi Refugees in Sweden: A Mandaean Priest Speaks

Hungary: Say no to racism through football – Roma and non-Roma speak out in Halmaj

Tanzania: Maasai land dispute with safari tourism group

Uganda: Climate change worsening food insecurity in Karamoja

Kenya: A visit to Maasai Mara

Sri Lanka: Discrimination against Tamils continues after the war

Hungary: Unemployment in Cserehát – local Roma collecting cherry

Mbanderu Community in Botswana-Minority Voice

"There is nothing like a Zimbabwean culture. There are Zimbabwean cultures."


USA: American-Muslims dispel the stereotypes of Muslim women who cover - new photo exhibit 'iCover'

MRG's Head of Law, Lucy Claridge, visits Burundi

La Esgrima de Machete y Bordón Símbolo Cultural de Puerto Tejada Cauca- Colombia

India: "Social activism is like “onion-peeling” - you successfully peel one layer, but then comes another one."

Minorities combat economic exclusion - photo story from the UN Minorities Forum

Kenya: Photo story from the Endorois homelands

Iraqi Refugees in Sweden: A Yazidi Activist Speaks

Thailand: Education desperately needed for migrant and stateless children

Deforestation, corruption and evictions: the Ogiek of the Mau Forest, Kenya

Cambodia: An ancient language, and a people, face extinction

MRG Visit a Dalit community in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu

Himalayan glacier melt will affect 1.3 billion people: scientists

Tanzania: Maasai Pastoralists of Soitsambu Village assert their rights to ancestral lands

Refugee Mothers - Georgia

Nuevo documental de MRG y Hollman Morris: El Oro para Suárez - Mineros afrocolombianos defendiendo sus raíces

DRC: Refugees in their own land

Hungary: Bódvalenke Fresco Village – a marginalised village turned into a touristic sight

The Tonga People in Zimbabwe: A forgotten people.

New documentary from MRG and Hollman Morris: Suárez Gold: Afro-Colombian miners defending their heritage

Traditional methods a useful tool for conflict resolution in Africa.

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