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Photo story: Peoples under Threat 2014 

The Peoples under Threat index identifies those countries around the world where communities face the greatest risk of genocide, mass killing or systematic violent repression.It provides early warning of potential future mass atrocities.The Middle East and Africa dominate the list of major risers in the index this year.The war in Syria, whichhas risen dramatically up the table to now rankthird, continues to fragment, and...

New Video: Peoples under Threat 2014 - interview with MRG Executive Director 

 New online map shows Middle East, Africa states dominate Peoples under Threat 2014 survey on risk of mass killing.Syria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen, South Sudan, Central African Republic and Egypt are among the most significant risers in this year's internationally acclaimed global ranking Peoples under Threat, published each year by Minority Rights Group International (MRG).This film features an interview with Mark Lattimer, MRG's...

Iran: Cancer cases rising at an alarming pace in Al-Ahwaz 

Rahim HamidIn Iran’s Al Ahwaz region, the population is facing a frightening growth in cancer rates.  Al Ahwaz is threatened to be overwhelmed by a burgeoning cancer epidemic and despite an acute increase in cancer incidences no real urgent action is seen to be taken by the government authorities in cancer prevention, improvement of health-care systems and facilities, improvement of access to essential medical...

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