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Minorities combat economic exclusion - photo story from the UN Minorities Forum 

The third UN Forum on Minority Issues took place in Geneva in December 2010. This year’s Forum, which is the only one of its kind and focused on effective participation in economic life, brought 500 participants together, including minority activists from all regions of the world, NGOs, academics and experts, as well as delegates from some 75 States.MRG’s Media Officer, Emma Eastwood, was there...

Ecuador: Indigenous justice and Ecuadorian state laws. Interview with Ecuadorian lawyer Mercedes Zambrano 

Approximately eight percent of  Ecuador's 15 million people (2001 census) self-identify as indigenous although that figure rises to 14 percent based on language use.Ecuador's 2008 constitution allows for indigenous communities to impart their own justice under their customary laws, which some have criticized for being too harsh.  In an audio interview (Spanish), female Ecuadorian lawyer Mercedes Zambrano compares the practice of indigenous law which...

Ecuador: One indigenous woman’s perspective on discrimination in the health system 

In the public hospital in Otavalo in Ecuador, indigenous women have seen a major change in their maternal and child health services and this has increased their trust in the system. In the past, discrimination was a major problem, and women were not allowed to use their traditional birth practices or bring their traditional birth attendants (TBAs) with them. They were not able to...

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