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MRG talk: Land Grabbing and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights 

Carla Clarke, MRG's Legal Cases Officer, gave a talk at a Socio-Economic Rights Group meeting on land rights. The event was organised by A4ID (Advocates for International Development), an organisation of legal and development professionals who work together to gain maximum impact in achieving the Millennium Development Goals.During the conference the panellists explored how approaches to land rights issues are changing in many developing...

Interviews with activists: Patrick Kensenhuis, Member of The National Assembly of the Republic of Suriname 

The Hon. Patrick Kensenhuis of the Republic of Suriname, represents a district with a majority indigenous and African descendant population.During the era of Dutch colonization of the Guiana region of South America, many enslaved Africans escaped into the rainforests of what is now the Republic of Suriname. These self liberated Africans (also known as "Maroons", "Djukas" or "Bakabusi Nengre") set up independent communities and...

Suriname: Saramaka win case in human rights court  

The Saramaka are one of six Maroon peoples in the Republic of Suriname. Their ancestors were brought to Suriname in the late 17th and early 18th centuries as slaves to work in Suriname's sugar, timber, and coffee plantations. The Saramaka live in a 9,000 square kilometre area of central Suriname. In the 1960s, a hydroelectric dam was built on their traditional land, devastating almost...

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