A poem from Iran: Al Ahwaz, it shall be free

There comes a day when death is upon us.
There is an hour when a man is hung.
There is a second when a child is born.

A Child begs his brother to not step out of the door.
A mother screams with pain from the torture and hate.
A young girl asks to see her father again.
He was never alive.

A voiceless voice shall be heard,
A mother shall see her son again.
A daughter or son will be free,
Yet the country shall not be.

His son falls to tears, holding him tight,
Asking and begging not to risk another heartbeat.
He steps out and disappears,
not days, not weeks, not months, but years,
A letter is sent, and it is read,
and there was another heart that had been dead.

 A land. AL Ahwaz, it shall be free.

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Date: 31/05/1998




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