Burma: Children in Thai refugee camps face few prospects

These photos by the Thai Committee for Refugees Foundation (TCR), taken in February 2012, reflect their work with minority Karen refugees in north Thailand. This specific camp photographed is the Umpiam Refugee Camp in Tak Province, a bordering Thai province with Burma. The refugees, amongst them Muslims, Buddhists and Christians, face a lack of protection of basic rights, particularly in education and housing.

Children in the refugee camps face few prospects with the completion of their secondary school education in the camps as the schools run by the refugee camps are not recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Education in Thailand. The educational aspirations of the children from these camps are cut short by the fact that their certificates lack value outside the camps.

The basic standards of living with regards to housing are not met as more permanent structures made from brick and concrete are banned, allowing only housing constructed from bamboo and thatched roofs to be made available for housing. This creates serious safety hazards, where only a month ago approximately 800 houses burnt down leaving 4000 people living in tents while new bamboo houses were under construction.


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Date: 18/04/2012





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