Pakistan: Study shows Christians in Lahore lag behind in education, employment

Progress and development of any nation depends upon its socioeconomic factors, it will not be wrong if we say that socioeconomic indicators act as back-bone for the prosperity of a nation. In order to scrutinize the socio-economic conditions of Christians residing in Lahore (Pakistan) an extensive and profound survey is carried out.

Lahore is among the largest Christian populated cities of Pakistan, approximately 0.7 million Christian people . For information acquisition a questionnaire is built and considers ten Christian locations having sample size 1723. Under the light of micro-data information, unusual and astonishing facts are elucidated.

Literacy rate of Christians in Lahore is 69.80% according to criteria of 5th standard/class but if we consider that an individual can read and write after getting 10th standard then the literacy rate becomes 28.78%, where Christian male literacy rate (67.89%) is greater than the female which is 62.20%.

In-depth analysis also illustrates the educational composition and structure of Christians, as In Lahore out of total literate Christian people the percentage of PhD, masters and graduate individuals is 0.38%, 3% and 9% respectively while 74% of the literate people have education up to matriculation (10th standard). According to the population structure of given sample male and female has 52 and 48 percent share respectively, further analysis reveals 72% of the Christian population is below 35 years while 28% is above 35 years.

Labor force is considered as having the age limit of 16-60 and our survey regards that Christian community in Lahore has about 71% population as labour force. Out of stated Labour force employment rate of Christians in Lahore is 37.1% which means that 62.9% of the Christians of Lahore are unemployed which highlights the high dependency ratio of these unemployed people. Further investigation states that 93.93% of the employed people serve in private sector and 6.07% of the Christians are working on public jobs. Nature of jobs illuminates that out of total employed Christians majority of the population is involved in sanitation reflecting poor literacy rate among Christians.

At the same time economic conditions of the targeted population in terms of income is also miserable, where the average monthly income of a family (average five individuals) is 12,333 rupees ($138). Per-capita daily income in a family is $0.92 which is well below the poverty line defined by World Bank. Out of this monthly income 66.81% of the spending is on food items while just 9% of the budget is allocated for education purposes.

Similarly, the involvement of Christian people in business sector is trifling. Percentage share of Christian businessmen is about 1.15% of the total Christian population in Lahore. Under the light of these facts it is obvious that socio-economic conditions of Christians in Lahore is very dejected.

Christian community lacks qualified people, employment rate is insufficient, dependency ratio is very high, job opportunities for Christians in public sector are less and due to lack of education and skills income level is very low. These upshots about Christian community in Lahore ask for keen interest in improving the socio-economic indicators to uplift the Christian community specifically in Lahore and generally in Pakistan.

For more information download the attached report.

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Date: 20/04/2012




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