Peru: Afro-Peruvians submit report to UN human rights committee

In October 2012, during the 14th session of the Working Group of Universal Periodic Review (UPR), Peru will be reviewed by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on its human rights record. One of the key questions to be raised is the situation of Afro-Peruvians who continue to suffer serious inequalities in the country.

In their joint submission to the Working Group, the Center for Ethnic Development (CEDET) and Franciscans International (FI) highlight some of the main human rights concerns related to Peruvians of African descent. The submission states that there is a “deeply rooted racism” as well as a “systemic and long-standing exclusion, invisibility, and discrimination” against Afro-descendents in Peru.

Among several recommendations, CEDET and FI urge the Government of Peru to “design and implement a national policy to eliminate racism and racial discrimination with dedicated attention to the main ethnic and cultural groups, including Afro-descendants”. The submission also calls for the Government of Peru to “carry out a comprehensive and detailed study of the Afro-Peruvian population and the degree of enjoyment of rights”. Further they urge the Peruvian Government to change the national curriculums to include African-Peruvian history and the contributions of Afro-Peruvians in the history of Peru.

According to the submission, a national survey conducted in 2006 found that 13.8% of Afro-Peruvians were not enrolled in Basic Education. These worrying figures exceed the already high national average of 11.8% non-enrollment among Peru’s population. Therefore, CEDET and FI recommend that the Government of Peru implements policies which would provide incentives for families to send their children to school and complete Basic Education. Likewise, the Afro-Peruvian population is vastly underrepresented in higher education. The 2006 survey shockingly concluded that only 2% of Afro-Peruvians enrolled in university successfully completed their studies.

To read more from the CEDET-FI joint submission to the UN, download the PDF file below (also available in Spanish/Español).


Photo: Afro-Peruvians in the town of El Carmen, Peru. Credit: MRG 

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Date: 16/05/2012




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