Italy: San Sperate (un)welcomes Roma

Following their eviction from the encampment on the 554 route, 26 Roma have been moved to the small town of San Sperate, about 15 km away from Sardinia’s main city, Cagliari.

On 3 July 2012 a heated public debate took place in San Sperate, where the mayor expressed his concern that “the town is unable to deal with the situation which has been created”, because the conditions are such that there are issues of public order that the council is unable to control.

The 300 people who attended the debate unanimously agreed that the two Roma families are to be removed from the village, and that an alternative location for them has to be found.

Word quickly spread that 400 more Roma are going to move to San Sperate, causing “serious social alarm,” although the mayor denied this news, and suggested that the issue at stake is not the fact that 26 Roma have moved to San Sperate, but that the authorities of Cagliari had not consulted him about the relocation. I wonder if the transfer of 26 “Italians” to the same town would have caused such a strong reaction by the locals?

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Date: 04/07/2012




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