New - full version of MRG documentary : A Journey to Imja Lake - Climate Change in the land of the Sherpa

This 30 minute film, commissioned by MRG in 2010, and directed and produced by Anna Colom, is now available for the first time on MRG's YouTube channel.

The documentary tells the story of the Sherpa people in the Everest region of Nepal, who are already experiencing the effects of climate change in the Himalayas: from the changes on the mountains, their spiritual gods, to the impact on food production. On our journey to Imja Lake, we witness how the increase of temperature in the region is affecting the livelihoods of the Sherpa people and other minority groups in the area.

The melting of the glaciers poses a huge risk not only for these communities, but also for millions of people in Asia who depend on water from the seven main Asian rivers originating in the Himalayas.

Click below to watch the full documentary:

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Date: 12/07/2012




Culture and Tradition
Indigenous Peoples
Climate Change

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