Nepal: Overfishing destroys minority community's livelihood

The minority Magi, or “fisherman”, community in the district of Tanahu, Nepal, depend on fishing for their livelihood.

But now the Madi river is low on fish stocks. The practices of fishing using electricity and of throwing industrial and human waste in the river have affected the fish and the organisms that fish depend on to survive. It is clearly evident that the fish are vanishing from this region due to overfishing, i.e. no barrier in the amount of fishing that can be done as there is no authority to monitor it.

Villagers who are now unable to depend on fishing for their livelihood are making arrangements to go to Trishuli, Marsyangdi, Kali Gandaki and Budhi Gandaki in search of gold. This issue is also causing conflicts between local communities as they fight over dwindling resources.

We need to protect fish sources in other regions too. So it is time for everyone to be alert and preserve the natural resources upon which many lives depend.

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Date: 15/10/2010




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