Sri Lanka: Who will listen to our silent cry from the wilderness?

The Sri Lankan Government has announced to the whole world that it has closed down the last detention camp that was existing from the end of the civil war in 2009, at Manic Farm in Vavuniya.

It is trying to give a picture that the detainees are re-settled successfully and the war victims are rehabilitated properly. But the real story of the re-settlement is just opposite to what the Government portrays.

What is happening in the name of re-settlement is really very pathetic and heart-breaking. These innocents were affected by the bloody war and continue to be forsaken, forgotten and abandoned by the government. In this camp, finally there remained 361 families from Mandhuvil and Keppapilavu of Mullaitheevu District. Among them 109 families from Keppapilavu who constantly expressed their only desire to go back to their own village but this remained as a dream because the military was occupying their village giving a reason of security.

On 24th of Sept 2012, these vulnerable people were shifted by the army from Manic Farm to a place called Seeniyamoddai near Keppapilavu. The people said that they were kept in Vattapilai School for a night and the next morning they were forcefully dropped in a jungle area where there is no any sign of human life. Each family was given a portion which they have to clean and to make a tent to live. They had to begin their life under the shade of a tree until they made their own tent with the sticks and sheet that they brought from the camp.

Their complaint is that there is no basic facility like shelter, drinking water and toilet. They have to begin their life from zero. Since the territory is far away from the town they have to walk a distance to buy food items. Their struggle for drinking water is another terrible story to hear. Beside all these misfortunes, they face life threat by the dangerous wild animals. Since they are the minority of the nation, the Government does not bother about their rights and keeps on pushing them to the corner. Who will listen to their silent cry from the wilderness?

Photo: After being shifted from Manic Farm displaced Tamils set up rudimentary home in Seeniyamoddai

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Date: 14/10/2012



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