Burma: Ongoing Impunity, Continued Army Atrocities against Kachin People

While the Myanmar government is earning international admiration for its dramatic reforms towards democracy of its military government, ethnic Kachin people, who dwell in the northern part of the country, are facing severe human rights violations by government troops.

Since communications have been cut due to intensified fighting between government troops and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), the issue has remained mostly unknown by the international community because of difficulties for journalists to get to the scene. The Myanmar government has been intentionally ignoring the issue so as to hide its ruthless actions towards the minority. The government is telling the international community that it is trying its best to negotiate with minority groups, meanwhile it is sending more troops instead of peace delegates to Kachin state, where severe human rights violation are committed by government troops.

Due to ongoing civil wars tens of thousands of civilians have left their homes and are now in temporary refugee camps. Those refugees’ houses were burnt by the government soldiers. Some of their relatives were caught and tortured to death, women were raped and civilians’ properties were destroyed and looted by government troops. Minority Kachins are under serious attack by the military of Myanmar government and are highly in need of humanitarian aid to survive in the refugee camps.

Food and shelter are mostly provided by local churches, the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) and local organizations. Little aid from international organizations has been received because the government prevents them from providing humanitarian aid to the affected areas, yet more humanitarian aid is needed for increasing numbers of refugees. The international community should not only press for reforms of Thein Sein’s government, but also pay attention to the sufferings of minority peoples in the countryside.

Video from the Kachin Women's Association of Thailand - www.kachinwomen.com

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Date: 25/10/2012



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