Burma: Army commander’s wife violates rights of ethnic minority soldiers’ wives

Chin State is the poorest state in the country. All resources are limited and scarce for Chin people and infrastructure needs to be build up. Chin are one of the ethnic minorities in Burma. Chin state is very isolated geographically because of poor transportation and communication, and is a recycle bin of government/public service personnel. If a public service personnel offends in a service, he/she is demoted/suspended from duty in Chin State.

Report from an activist's September 2012 field visit to Chin State

There are two light infantry battalions and one tactical battalion in small town of Matupi, Chin State. A few of the soldiers’ wives are ethnic minority and Christian in the light infantry battalion No. 140. However the battalion commander’s wife forces them to worship and participate in Buddhist services and activities. She oppresses ethnic minority Christian wives in manyways. One of the ethnic minority Christian wives said that she was so sad because she could not be faithful to God because she could not refuse orders. the Burmese new government’s 2008 constitution cannot protect ethnic minorities in the country. There are no ways to report the case to the respective authority.

A captain of a tactical battalion captured a woman and kept her in his barrack. He and 9 of his friends raped her in the barrack for pleasure. Her family said that she disappeared for a month. Her father is a teacher. Although her family knows all about the incident, they did not dare report it to any authority. Such kinds of incident often happen in ethnic minority areas.


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Matupi town, Chin Sate, Burma/Myanmar
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Date: 16/10/2012




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