Sri Lanka: The Price of Tea - campaign video supporting Tamil tea pickers

Ceylon tea is a global brand and is one of the biggest income-earners for Sri Lanka. But an average tea-picker earns less in a day than the amount you pay for a cup of tea at your local café.

Minority Rights Group International, Society for Threatened Peoples, The National Campaign on Dalit Rights, Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice, International Dalit Solidarity Network, Medico International and Suaram are campaigning to improve the living conditions of tea plantation workers in Sri Lanka.

Indian Origin Tamils make up approximately 80 per cent of the tea plantation workforce in the country. The average daily wage is as little as 2 euros. Workers, many of whom are women, live in miserable conditions with poor access to health and education, and are one of the most marginalised communities in Sri Lanka.

Find out more and support Sri Lanka's tea-pickers by joining our call for action here.

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Date: 11/12/2012


Sri Lanka


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