UK/Mauritania/Global: Actress and writer Meera Syal supports Minority Rights Group BBC Radio 4 appeal

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Appeal broadcast dates and times: Sunday 21 April 2013 (07:55, 21:26) and Thursday 25 April 2013 (15:27)

Tune in to BBC Radio 4 on FM 92.4-94.6 or LW 198 or listen at


Did you know that slavery still exists in the world today?

Even in 2013 there are still places in the world where people are born and die as slaves. Where belonging to a specific caste or class, condemns you to an existence that is almost impossible to imagine.   

On 21 April, writer and actress Meera Syal will present MRG’s Radio 4 Appeal to help people born into the Haratine slave caste in Mauritania, North Africa. People like Moulkheir, a Haratine woman who had to work under horrifying conditions, and was subjected to abuse by her slave master.

‘I grew up as a minority myself,' says Meera Syal. 'I tap into that feeling of what it must feel like to not only be different but also discriminated against, alone and unsupported. How a society treats its minority groups is a good measure of how civilized that society is.'

'What I like about MRG’s approach is that it’s not always what you expect, there’s some really inventive campaigns going on, such as the street theatre campaign. MRG is actually working with communities to find out what they need, what they want and what the most effective message is and how to do that imaginatively. I love the way MRG approaches things, it’s effective.' 

Listen to Meera Syal talk about why she is supporting the appeal by clicking the 'play' icon above or download the audio file by clicking on the link below..

By donating to our Appeal, you will help us to support the world’s most oppressed people to live in freedom, dignity and peace. The Appeal opens after the Radio 4 broadcast on 21 April, however if you wish to donate to MRG today please click here.

Thank you for supporting our Radio 4 Appeal. 

Read more about MRG's work in Mauritania.

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