Yemen: Al-Akhdam face brutal oppression

Members of Yemen’s Al-Akhdam minority cannot own land. They are subjected to violence, abuse, harassment and exploitation. They are often extremely poor and are forced to carry out the most menial and dirty jobs. They have almost no access to education. Their children are at constant risk of sexual, physical and psychological abuse by dominant members of society. They are generally despised, considered subhuman and treated as outcastes.

The plight of the Al-Akhdam is in many ways similar to the situation of the Dalit population in a number of caste-affected countries in South Asia. In a joint submission to the UN’s UPR mechanism, the All Youth Network in Yemen and the International Dalit Solidarity Network provide an alternative report on the precarious human rights conditions of the Al-Akhdam people and urge the country’s government to address their situation.

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Al-Akhdam children risk sexual, physical and psychological abuse by dominant members of Yemeni society. They live in poverty and have almost no access to education. Photo: All Youth Network
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Date: 03/07/2013




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