Kenya: MRG's Head of Law visits Endorois community in the Rift Valley

Lucy Claridge, Head of Law at MRG (pictured here visiting a community honey cooperative), travelled to Kenya in June 2013 to meet with the Endorois community at Lake Bogoria in Rift Valley province.

Click on the photos below to see a gallery showing Lucy's visit to the cultural centre where she was able to view a new 3D map identifying and displaying Endorois traditional land.





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Endorois lands, Baringo county. The photo was taken at the boundary of Endorois ancestral land, which is denoted by a river. The lands go right up to the hills in the background.
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Lucy visiting the Endorois honey cooperative at Radat. Beekeeping is part of Endorois livelihood, and Endorois lands are famed for their honey, made from bees living in acacia trees and sold at the roadside throughout the area. Some Endorois have formed a honey cooperative: this photo shows where the honey is stored and pasteurised before being poured into jars and sold.
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The Endorois have recently completed an extensive mapping process to identify their land in order that it can be returned to them, in compliance with the African Commission ruling. The result was a huge 3D map, shown here, which also details the location of natural resources.
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The mapping process involved much research, probing the memory of elders and their traditional practices. This chart shows details of Endorois clans.
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The Endorois used to hold important community meetings under a tree near Lake Bogoria. As a result of the African Commission ruling, several acres of land where the tree was located, have been returned to the Endorois, and a cultural centre has been built on the site of the tree. The cultural centre now houses the 3D map and it is hoped will be developed into an educational centre.
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Lake Bogoria, a site of great cultural and religious significance to the Endorois, was turned into a tourist attraction in the 1970s. Here, a group of schoolchildren visit the lake. The lake has recently swelled in size, flooding much of the surrounding land: according to the elders, it is 'happy' following the African Commission ruling.
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A further chart of results from research during the mapping process detailing Endorois traditional practices.
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Date: 19/07/2013




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