Fiji: Disputes over Chiefly status in the Ai iTaukei community

The Fiji Islands and Rotuma’s Chiefly system does not follow nor adopt the British Monarchy system of the Kingdom (Chiefly) Title successor appointments.

Ai iTaukei Communities in the Fiji Islands and Rotuma had and are becoming very educated and knowledgeable about the various principles of Leaderships from all over the world, that sometimes support or contradict the very nature and fibre of the Ai iTaukei traditions.

The differences between the various Chiefly family members, Chiefly Mataqali members, the King Makers, Vanua and even Government bodies in determining the correct, true and rightful Ai iTaukei Chiefly Title holders in Fiji and Rotuma, needs to be addressed seriously now more than ever. Read more...

Photo: Landscape of the Fiji Islands

Credit: Chris Chapman/MRG

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Date: 19/08/2013


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