Egypt: Three Churches Pray for Abducted Minor Christian Girls

The three Churches of Egypt were prompt in responding to calls for prayers, initiated by The Association of Victims of Abductions and Enforced Disappearances (AVAED), in solidarity with abducted minor Christian girls.

Both Rev. Rafik Graish, spokesperson of the Catholic Church, and Fr. Luka Rady of the Kousseya Archdiocese of Assyut governorate welcomed the initiative, indicating that they will recite the names of the disappeared girls during the Divine Liturgy.

In addition, Rev. Refaat Fekry, head of the Media Committee for the Evangelical Church assured that he will call upon the congregation to take part in the prayers.

His Grace Bishop Pachomious of Behaira Archdiocese & the Five Western Cities also welcomed the initiative calling upon his congregation to participate in the cause.

Others who supported the initiative included churches in the diaspora, such as the Canadian Coptic Church and the Australian Archdiocese.

In Australia, an announcement was printed and distributed to all member churches naming the girls:

  • Demyana Ayoub Ragaaei
  • Nadia Makram Mehani Kamel
  • Margaret Amgad Gad
  • Samar Naguib Abdou Gad
  • Amal Aziz Abdalla
  • Christina Abdelsayed Labib
  • Lina Samy boulos
  • Mariam Milad Farid
  • Sarah Issac Abdelmalek
  • Helies Nabil Iskandar Hanna
  • Rania Raafat Kamal

The announcement was concluded by a call upon the Egyptian government to sign Chapter 4 of the UN human rights treaty, which stresses the responsibility of the state to protect its citizens from enforced disappearance.

The invitation to prayers was initiated by AVAED and calls upon Egyptian Christians all over the world to pray for the safe return of victims of abduction under the slogan: “Let Us Pray For Them & Their Families”.

To promote the cause, Mr. Ebram Louis, founder of AVAED, declared the upcoming October 19 a day of prayers that will be celebrated together with the victims’ families, along with a number of public figures, media personnel and choir singers. The designated event is meant to attract the Egyptian Government’s attention to the plight of the families, and push them to take serious action in addressing their respective cases.


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Date: 04/10/2013




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