Armenia: Young minority leader preserves Yezidi identity and language

Boris Murazi-Tamoyan, 24 years old, is an active community leader representing the Yezidi minority of Armenia. Boris was born in Armenia; has graduated from the Academy of Television and Radio, as well as served for 2 years at the national military. He speaks Armenian and Russian languages fluently. However, his native language is Yezidi (Kurmanji).

In 2011, Boris along with his friends established the Yezidi National Union “Sinjar”, a civil society organization to support the preservation of the Yezidi identity and language, culture and traditions of Armenian Yezidis. "Sinjar" actively lobbies for the rights of Yezidi community to access education and advocates in fundraising activities to build and/or rehabilitate schools and pre-school education centers in Yezidi communities, which are about 20 on the territory of Armenia.

It is worth mentioning that “Sinjar” is the first minority organization enrolled in the Eastern Partnership Initiative at the National Platform of Armenia within the framework of the Eastern Partnership Minorities Network. Boris personally has been able to represent and participate on behalf of the Yezidi community at the 5th annual Civil Society Forum of the EaP in Chisinau, Moldova in 2013.

“Sinjar” has been selected as a full participant of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) in Chisinau which hosted more than 250 representatives of the civil society organisations from six EaP partner countries and the EU and government representatives, European institutions and donor agencies, to discuss the priorities of civil society and its contribution to the reform process within the EaP.

Furthermore, on February 28, 2014 Boris Murazi-Tamoyan represented his organization at the conference on Eastern Partnership held in Brussells, which was attended by representatives of the National Platfrom working groups of Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova.

Boris believes that advocacy for the Yezidi community and awareness raising about their challenges on an international level would considerably contribute to the empowerment of the Yezidi community. Being an active community leader and advocating for Yezidi community is also reflected on the news web portal Boris works as a reporter for the website, which is dedicated to tell the stories of the Yezidi population worldwide, their origin, their religion and the diversity of this unique minority.

Photo: Boris Murazi-Tamoyan Credit: Shorena Kobaidze


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Date: 03/04/2014




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