USA: An Affirmation Poem Written For Minorities

A short poem by Donna Henes to affirm her "positive minority status".

An Affirmation Poem Written For Minorities

I affirm I am a divine and beautiful being.

I choose to live each moment with appreciation and

complete acceptance of my own identity, divinity and beauty.

I choose to appreciate and accept the beauty in all

beings and the perfect divinity in each moment.

I open my heart to the possibility of love and benefit

from every being and each moment.

I purge myself of all doubt, negativity, judgmental

tendencies, guilt, panic, and fearful thinking of being a minority.

I always seek that which I need to grow, to bud, to

bloom, to blossom, to fruit, to bear seed.

I dare to draw into myself the positive manifestation of

each affirmation I make about trial and difficulty; the rightness of every lesson.


I breathe deeply and savor the love and benefit that

surrounds and embraces my life as I live it each moment.


I forgive myself with each breath I take and renew my

transformative intentions with every beat of my heart.

I glory in the goodness and rightness of all that I

encounter and all that I am.

I am a divine and beautiful being.

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Date: 07/05/2014


United States of America

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Name: Donna Henes

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