Turkey: European Syriac Union present annual report on Syriac to EU Commission

European Syriac Union, ESU presented its annual report entitled “The situation of the Syriac in Turkey-2014” to European Commission Enlargement authorities.

ESU Belgium Head Tony Vergili and member of Foreign Affairs Committee David Vergili met with Mr. Christos Makridis to hand ESU report and present latest information regarding the situation, their demands of Syriac people in Turkey and their expectations from the European authorities.

Tony Vergili presented his gratitude to the given opportunity to the meeting and bringing the situation of the Syriacs to the European table. Mr. Vergili stated that “Syriac people in Turkey and in diaspora stayed attached to the lands dispute of Mor Gabriel Monastery and they follow all the developments closely and they had been active to put pressure on the Turkish and international decision makers in order to halt the decision regarding the Monastery. Meanwhile, the process of the returning the lands continues and it is very slow.”

On the other side, David Vergili said “The local elections which took place in March, 2014 had presented good opportunity for Syriac people and their candidate to show their presence and participation to the participatory life in the region. Since the decades, Syriac people had few candidates to the elections and also national and international media coverage was present. During the elections, a Syriac young lady, Februniya Akyol had been elected to run the Co-Mayor of Mardin city. There are some other people also who had been elected.”

Consequently to the land dispute of Mor Gabriel Monastery, Syriac people in diaspora had slowed their projects to returning back to the region. Beside, those who returned back facing some difficulties especially in the bureaucratic dealing and with the feudal system. Turkish state still does not allow the returning back to some villages in the region of Şırnak and Hakkari.
ESU team also highlighted the unknown killings of the Syriac people during the 90s in the Turabdin region and they asked for the support of the EU authorities. They also mentioned the 1915 Sayfo issue and said that the attitude of Turkey have to be equal for all groups who suffered during the genocide of First World War.

Syriac people in the region of Turabdin play very active role in the social, cultural and political life of the region. This has to be seen and encouraged by European Union as the perfect example of “living together”

Turkey needs comprehensive and deep project of transformation. This project of transformation has to include all different groups in order to create new society which is cleaned from its historical and political sins.

ESU report is detailed information concerning the situation of Syriac people in Turkey and presenting their cultural, social, ethnic rights.

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Date: 28/05/2014




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