USA/Africa: A Farewell To Elombe Brath

The life of African freedom-fighter Elombe Brath was celebrated in Harlem last month. A pillar of the pan-African movement, Brath made it his life-long mission to empower the black community both in Africa and around the world. The Brooklyn-born activist died age 77 at Amsterdam Nursing Home in Harlem on Wednesday 19th May.

International ambassadors, local politicians and family members gathered in Harlem to pay tribute to Brath, sharing memories of his greatest accomplishments, such as joining Nelson Mandela in his battle against South African apartheid and co-founding the Patrice Lumumba Coalition (PLC) which supported Angola's right to self-determination in the 1970s. Attention was also paid to Brath's tireless efforts in advocating for the freedom of political prisoners, and for his role in winning reprieve for Mumia Abu-Jamal, a death-row prisoner who has come to embody institutional and judicial racism in America.

His family recounted Brath's muscial creativity, and his efforts to meld music with activism. His weekly radio show, Afrikaleidoscope, served as an educational medium that broadcast news of Africa's struggles to thousands of listeners every week with the help of music from African and African-American artists. In his younger years, Brath and his brother created New York's African Jazz, Arts, Society and Studios (AJASS), an organisation that heralded the then-revolutionary, now household phrase, 'Black is Beautiful'.

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 Photo: Elombe Brath

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Date: 18/06/2014


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