Africa/USA: Future "Big Africas"

Writer and activist Sabamya Jaugu challenges Africans to "go it alone" in terms of economic development. For too long, claims Jaugu, Africans have leaned on the shoulders of their former colonialists and deprived themselves of independence. They purchase foreign-produced commodities at a high expense, even though they do produce enough of their own. The Big Africa concept provides a radical solution to these economic inequalities which, while derivative of colonialism, are being perpetuated by Africans themselves according to Jaugu.

Jaugu finds inspiration in the early successes of post-civil war United States, where newly-freed African slaves cultivated small but self-sufficient communities across the country which Jaugu terms "Little Africas". He suggests that African countries organise themselves into regional clusters called  "Big Africas" which exploit their raw materials and maximise trade opportunities. By working together to distribute their own commodities worldwide, claims Jaugu, Africa can elevate itself to a stronger position in international trade.

Photo: Hausa girls in Nigeria. Copyright: MRG

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Date: 19/06/2014



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