Iran: Harrowing report reveals discrimination against Ahwazi Arab workers

Shunned from the workforce and stricken with poverty, Arabs in Iran's al-Ahwaz region face discrimination on a daily basis. Rahim Hamid's latest report reveals that employment levels in al-Ahwaz are disproportionately low in relation to the rest of Iran. The economic projects underway in the region are under the control of Persian contracters who have close ties with government officials. As a result, most labour positions are reserved for Persian applicants, while Ahwazi Arabs are systematically turned away.

Rahim revels the harsh reality of Iran's structural discrimination by introducing two young Ahwazi Arabs, Foad and Ali, who graduated from university only to be rejected from employment and forced to sell barrels of gasoline on the street. Residing in a wealthy region which has the largest port of oil trade in Middle East and a vast supply of natural resources, Foad and Ali express their deep frustration at being excluded from the opportunities so readily available to their Persian counterparts. 

Photo: Ahwazi Arab municipal workers protest outside the mayor's office in Ahwaz. Some had not been paid for nine months, and others had been made redundant. Credit: Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights

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Date: 01/09/2014




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