Iran: Ethnic cleansing and oppression practices of Iranian regime against Ahwazi Arab villages

Written By Rahim Hamid and Mehdi Hashemi

Since the former eras of the Pahlavi dynasty until the emergence of the Islamic Republic regime we have seen that the Arab villages of Ahwaz region in the south and south west of Iran have always been subjected to ethnic cleansing policies and systematically dragged into destruction. This report focuses on gruesome evidence of the ethnic cleansing practices carried out by the subsequent Iranian regimes against the Ahwazi Arab villages, which are mostly located on the border strip with Iraq. The report documents the crimes of village destruction, house demolitions, destruction of farmland and palm groves, land confiscation and access restrictions to natural resources perpetrated by the Iranian regime to eradicate the Ahwazi Arab people from their historic lands.

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Date: 21/10/2014




Racism/Discrimination/Hate speech
Natural resources
Land Rights

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Name: Rahim Hamid

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