Syria: Assyrian villages in Khabour, Syria under ISIS attack

Assyrian Christian villages along the Khabour river in the Hassake region are under heavy attacks of ISIS. Hundred of people left the region and number of women and children have been kidnapped by ISIS. Clashes continue between MFS, YPG against ISIS.

On Monday around 5am ISIS carried out an attack on the Assyrian villages in the Khabour region leaving casualties and another exodus of Christians from the region. ISIS attacks are concentrated in the Khabour villages of Til Hirmis, Til Shamiram, Qabre Shamiye and Til Khebish. Local sources confirm that there are ongoing clashes in all front lines against ISIS. Various reports suggest casualties of civilians and burning of churches.

In a statement Bethnahrin National Council, MUB made an urgent call to the international community to follow the events and make take action urgently. MUB statement indicate, casualties of number of people including women, children and elders.

On the other hand, Syriac Military Council, MFS and other local forces with YPG continue their combats. On their Twitter account MFS declared that « all the MFS forces and YPG are now involved with heavy weapons on the Khabour line against IS. »

In a statement MFS declared that some of the villages are under ISIS control and that ultimate goal is to save people and villages from ISIS.

« Although the resistance against ISIS, 3 villages are now captured by ISIS. After heavy fights and resistance from the MFS three fighters had been injured, and a group of Khabour guards and four fighters of MFS are missing. The fights are still continue. MFS, Sutoro, Khabour guards and YPG have been able to stop ISIS and prevent them from gaining more control. Our goal is to retake all the villages. » MFS stated.

On the other hand, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, SOHR indicated that « Reliable sources reported to SOHR that IS militants kidnapped 56 Assyrian citizens at least in the village of Tal Shamiram located around the town of Tal Tamer in the countryside of al- Hasakah. The sources confirmed that they heard via wireless devices IS members saying that they detained “56 crusaders”. Meanwhile, information reported that dozens of Assyrian people were kidnapped from the village of Tal Hermez. »

Also news agencies confirm that 90 Assyrian Christians had been abducted bty ISIS.

Due to the ISIS attacks hundred of families left the region towards Hassake and Qamishlo cities. Sanhareb Barsoum, Human Rights Minister in the Jazeera Canton said that with the local administration, they will assist new refugees and put adequate measures for them.

Assyrian Christians of Khabour region are the survivors of Simele Massacre which took place in Iraq in 1933. There are around 35 villages in this region inhabited by Assyrians. Following the fall of Mosul and later the capture of Nineveh Plain by ISIS, current attacks on the Khabour region is another big casualty for Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people in Mesopotamia.


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Date: 24/02/2015




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