State of the World's Minorities and Indigenous Peoples 2015 - focus on cities: Case studies

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The battle for respect for the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples is increasingly being played out in cities, says Minority Rights Group International in its annual report.

Our flagship annual global report, State of the World’s Minorities and Indigenous Peoples 2015, focuses on cities, and explores the many challenges communities face in urban areas, from segregation and lack of services, to targeted violence and exclusion.

Click on the links below to read revealing case studies from around the world.


SWM 2015: Resilience despite adversity – adapting indigenous communities to climate change in the Pacific region

SWM 2015: China - Urbanizing the Trung – one of China’s smallest officially recognized minorities

SWM 2015: India - Discrimination against Dalit women in Ahmedabad

SWM 2015: Thailand - Promoting a more inclusive tourism industry for Chiang Mai’s hill tribes

SWM 2015: Philippines - Supporting indigenous livelihoods in Baguio city

SWM 2015: Kyrgyzstan - Life as a migrant in Bishkek – a Tatar women tells her story


SWM 2015: Mali - Cultural heritage as a vehicle for peace in Timbuktu

SWM 2015: Somalia - Minorities on the margins of Mogadishu

SWM 2015: Rwanda - Promoting peace through sustainable urban development in Kigali

SWM 2015: The San in southern Africa – adjusting to urbanization as a first people

SWM 2015: Kenya - Urban migration and the loss of traditional culture among Endorois youth in Kenya


SWM 2015: Mexico - Sexual violence against indigenous women in Ciudad Juárez

SWM 2015: Brazil - Preserving indigenous heritage in Rio de Janeiro

SWM 2015: Honduras - The Garifuna’s battle to protect their land from urban development on the ‘Banana Coast’

SWM 2015: Bolivia - Promoting indigenous participation in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Middle East and North Africa

SWM 2015: Libya - Hopes and fears in cities after the fall of Gaddafi

SWM 2015: Lebanon - The disappearance of Wadi Abu Jmil, Beirut’s Jewish district

SWM 2015: Israel/Palestine - Life in a divided city – one Palestinian community under threat in East Jerusalem

SWM 2015: Dubai - Everywhere but invisible – the continued marginalization of migrant construction workers


SWM 2015: UK - Gentrification brings new challenges for Brixton’s minority communities

SWM 2015: Ukraine/Russian Federation - Deteriorating rights for Crimean Tatars under Russian rule

SWM 2015: Turkey - Little change, two decades on, for displaced Kurds

SWM 2015: Hungary - How the redevelopment of Józsefváros is pushing out Budapest’s minorities

SWM 2015: Poland - Remembering Warsaw’s Jewish community through heritage conservation

SWM 2015: Bulgaria - Segregated and excluded – the situation of Roma

SWM 2015: Bulgaria/Hungary - Strategic Litigation for the Housing Rights of Informal Dwellers

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