Pakistan: Celebration of Minorities' Day

11th of August was declared as Minorities’ Day in Pakistan in 2009 by the efforts of Shahbaz Bhatti “The Martyred”.

The idea of that particular day was the historical speech of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah The Founder of Pakistan, delivered on 11th of August 1947 to Constituent Assembly, had clearly laid down the outlines of the type of state he visualized Pakistan to become. “You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or any other places of worship in this state of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed – that has nothing to do with the business of the state.”

In his speech, The Father of the Nation has clearly enlightened the equal fundamental rights of citizens of Pakistan. But unfortunately today’s picture is much worse than he visualized in 1947. However, struggles to recover from current situation by the Government are just simply worthless. Here, Pakistan Army got the credit for their serious intentions to make Pakistan a peaceful place and perhaps some fruits can be shared with minorities.

On 11th of August 2015, many minorities’ political parties have celebrated the Minorities’ Day, even some programs were scheduled by Government. But some futile minorities’ leaders have proclaimed it as Black Day, which doesn’t make any sense. As the declaration of Minorities’ Day was purposed by Shahbaz Bhatti The Martyred, therefore, his beneficiaries Dr. Bhatti have organized a program in a luxury hotel of Islamabad and according to reliable sources there were only few participants. This means they have lost the people’s trust in them. Reasons? Poor leadership, management and lack of interest in minorities’ welfare.

In some talk shows anchors have invited the representatives of minorities’ they were members of National Assembly and provincial assemblies, I personally consider it a mockery because these representatives are not for minorities they are not more than puppets. Why they are puppets? They are selected by main political parties, not elected by minorities. They speak what they are told to and that’s how fundamental rights of minorities have been crippled by the poor indirect electoral system.

Recently Supreme Court has declared the current electoral system of minorities as unconstitutional and it’s a violation of article 226 and contradicts to article 51 of Constitution of Pakistan 1973. The writ petition was filled by Mr. Julius Salik Former Federal Minister. This verdict has attested that representation of minorities in National and Provincial Assemblies is not valid because they were not elected by minorities.

However, a true celebration of Minorities’ Day has been observed by Pakistan Minorities Alliance – PMA under the leadership of Mr. Tahir Naveed Chuadhary Advocate Chairman PMA. Mr. Chaudhary was former member of provincial assembly (MPA) Punjab. He was a close companion of Shahbaz Bhatti and proved himself as a true follower of Bhatti’s vision and mission. After the fall of APMA, he revived the movement of minorities’ rights and continued the mission of martyred leader from the platform of PMA. In just two years he has succeed to organize the movement across the country as well as abroad. It is now talk of town that Mr. Chaudhary has appeared as replacement of Shabaz Bhatti.

Pakistan is struggling hard to strengthen its economy while under a state of war. Terrorism and extremists organizations have damaged the integrity of Pakistan. Minorities are suffering due to the false teachings of these extremist organizations and clergy. Judiciary is afraid to make any verdicts in the favor of oppressed minorities, an example of Asia Bibi’s case can be observed.

Honest and true leaders of minorities are under threats who raise the voice for Asia Bibi, Sawan Masih accused of Blasphemy in Joseph Town Lahore, Bashir Masih an old painter in Sargodha accused of Blasphemy, Rahat Bibi a young girl forced to convert but rescued by PMA, Shahbaz Masih a father of 3 kids who dared to marry a Non Christian girl, Awais Qamar and its family accused of Blasphemy in Makki Shahba District Sheikhopura and saved by PMA and the list goes on, all these victims are in the quest of justice and safety or any Angel of God to listen their screams. Their only trespass is they belong to minorities and persecution of minorities has become a common practice in Pakistan.

A vision of Qaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is brutally slaughtered by the Patriots of religion which has brought the curse of cruelty and chaos upon this country. Don’t know when the clouds of anarchy will be shattered, Don’t know how long innocent blood has pay the price. May God have Mercy upon Pakistan.

Written By
Waheed Anjum Bhatti
Sargodha, Pakistan


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