Iraq: One year on and thousands of Yazidis remain uprooted

From a group of volunteers who have been supporting displaced Iraqis since August 2014, specifically Yazidis, with whom they have been in touch regularly.

The children in this photo, and thousands like them, fled their homes when ISIS attacked the town of Sinjar and the villages of Yazidis, Christians and other minorities in the Nineveh plain in Iraq.

Most of the displaced Yazidis live in the camps which are established and arranged by the state and they receive aid from NGOs in the country. Others are scattered in the villages surrounding Duhok and Zakho cities in unfinished building and houses.

These internally displaced people have been suffering for almost one year, specifically, those children in the picture and their families, who lack almost everything; food, clean water, hygienic needs, suitable accommodation and many important necessities.

Monthly they get only two food items from the government, such as rice and flour, and they don't get any other help from the NGOs  in the country, just because they are not living in camps.  There are 75 families staying in unfinished houses in a village called Mam Rasha near Shekhan town, which is about 70km away from Duhok in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. No one from the authorities hears their voice or responds to their demands.  

From time to time they call for help, and they get a temporary solution, they have to repeat this action to get some necessary food items or some medicines.

Photo: Displaced children of the Yazidi minority in the Kurdistan region of Iraq after the ISIS attack on Sinjar and surrounding villages.


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