Cambodia: Evictions from around the Boeung Kak Lake

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MRG’s Carl Soderbergh and Vuthy Eang (Bridges across Borders) talk about the eviction of more than 1 000 families in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Peoples including the Muslim Cham minorities had been living around a lake called the Boeung Kak Lake in the centre of town until the government granted a 99 years lease to a corporation to use the land for commercial purposes. The lake has been so far filled with sand and the company is actively evicting the population. Vuthy tells us that 1 000 families were displaced, many of them being relocated to remote areas and left without having access to education or proper housing. Bridges across Borders wanted the donors, namely the World Bank, Denmark and GTZ Germany to put pressure on the government. The minorities and other people affected by the issue filed a complaint to the World Bank to investigate the case.

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Date: 22/09/2010




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