Pakistan: New Blasphemy Case is Registered

Naveed Masih, a 24 year old Christian man, is accused of blasphemy, was arrested and is in police custody.

Persecution of minorities in Pakistan has become a common practice especially in the era of the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) (PML [N]). A young man, 24, is been accused of blasphemy. (FIR is registered U/S 295 - A, file No. 619 in Satellite Town Police Station Sargodha).  Mr Tahir Naveed Chaudhary, Advocate Chairman of the Pakistan Minorities Alliance (PMA) has taken up the case and attained power of attorney.

According to the details, Naveed Masih S/O Nazir Masih resident of Sargodha was an illiterate and has been practicing exorcism through prayers. He has many muslim followers who often visit him for their spiritual problems. A few days ago, one of his followers gifted him an antique sword which has printed impressions of Holy Verses from the Quran packed in a box. Naveed Masih placed it in a room in which he uses to pray. 

Some of the police officers came to know about Mr Naveed Masih and they tried to threaten him for the sake of money,  Police said ‘what you are doing is illegal, pay us monthly or face action’, when Naveed Masih refused to give them money they planned to trap him. Somehow they inquired about the sword placed in his room, they called him as if they were one of his clients and asked him to come and pray for a patient, Naveed went to the place where he was told to come and police captured him there, they then raided his house and recovered the sword. ‘We were shocked when we came to know that Naveed has been alleged of blasphemy’ said Naveed’s brother. 

Police arrested Naveed Masih, lodged an FIR (First Information Report) and transferred him to District Jail after interrogation. Muhammad Naeem a police constable is the complainant of this particular FIR.

Mr. Tahir Naveed Chaudhary, Advocate Chairman of the PMA took the notice and has attained the power of attorney for the advocacy of Naveed Masih. ‘Provision of Section 295 A/B/C is being misused against minorities for the purpose of extortion, revenge, personal benefits and extracting lands from the layman of minorities. Therefore, Pakistan Minorities Alliance - PMA will stand with every persecuted minorities of Pakistan and fight for the justice. Police have refused to hand over a copy of FIR and this shows the peak of cruelty, now PMA will use all its strength to tackle down this cheap act of Police. Federal and Punjab government must take notice of this brutal act of corrupt police officers who are busy in defaming the name of Pakistan. Do not corner us for being minorities and stop misusing of blasphemy law”’ said Mr Chaudhary. 

The family of the victim is under threat after this incident to which Mr Tahir Naveed Chaudhary has rescued the family and transferred them to a safe house. 

The hearing is decided on 14th October 2015 in session court.


Photo: Flickr - Doctors of the World UK. Christians represent 2.5% of the population



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Date: 13/10/2015



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