India: My 98 days in detention; Illegally framed in a criminal case.

In recent years, Intolerance & religious, lingual & regional extremism has been rising so fast in all corners of India. The movement of peace, harmony & human rights is being weakened as an strategy of communal forces, opportunist political leaders & selfish clerics.

In December, 1992 after demolition of Babri Masjid when communal forces, opportunist political leaders & selfish clerics were playing their dirty game to spread hate among Hindus and Muslims to fulfill their own political and monetary interests. India was burning,

At that time, I was a young & devoted students leader in Aligarh Muslim University, India. I was really very shocked to see the massive declining of religious harmony & brotherhood. So I started a reformist movement “Haiya Alal Falah Movement” on 12 December, 1992 just after 6 days of Babri Masjid demolition in Ayodhya, Faizabad district in Uttar Pradesh. “Haiya Alal Falah” is an Arabic slogan which means “Come towards success & betterment” and for me in that burning time, to strengthen communal harmony & social fabric was prime duty hence I devoted myself in this noble cause.

My efforts to foster peace, harmony, brotherhood & understanding were highly appreciated by the common people of all religions who were poor & educationally backward. Those poor & backward people of all religions were being misguided, betrayed and misused by the traders of hate. Naturally my efforts were highly criticized and attacked by the extremists of all religions.

Now, I have many unknown enemies. Every religious extremist and trader of hate is my enemy and my life & dignity is at stake.

Social activists are soft targets in India. Everyone is living in fear. Rising of religious, lingual & regional intolerance is a great sign of danger for humanity & democracy of Indian republic. Peace & rights activists are being killed, threatened and framed in false criminal cases.

A big conspiracy has been taken place against me to assassinate my character and to stop my voice. In 2012 a fake, false & fabricated F.I.R. Crime Number 1-218/2012 was lodged in Wagle Estate police station at Thane city in Maharashtra under section 465, 468, 471, 420 0f I.P.C. & 66(K) of I.T. Act. All the facts & contents of this F.I.R. are bogus like a false story. This F.I.R. is a dirty attempt to malign my image and to spoil my social and family life.
The role of police is always seen as an ally of political leaders, mafias and capitalist. It is a big threat to the human rights of all common people and activists. Moreover the criminal justice system in India is not so effective. The Indian government must think and act over this issue keeping in view that the police is often use its powers so unfairly & dishonestly. All police actions, complaints & complainants are not always right similarly all accused are not also always wrong. Accused should not be treated as a criminal by the police & lower courts. Human rights violations, torture must be checked in police custody & in prison as well.

On 13th of August, 2015, I was arrested by the police ignoring all my pleas & clarifications from my home at Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India and produced me before the Thane court in Maharashtra on 15th of August, 2015 about 2000 kilometer far away from my home town. 15th August is celebrated as Independence day in India. The court sent me in police custody for 6 days where I experienced severe human rights violations, humiliations and insults. On 21st August I was sent to the central prison, Thane as an accused of the crime of cheating & forgery which I never committed. As a prisoner, I experienced that all prisoners are not treated as human being. Jail manual and other relating laws are only seen in the book shelves but on the ground, they are not applied. On 18th of November, 2015, I was released on bail by the court. During this period of 98 days, I have been harassed mentally & physically. Not only me but my family members, supporters & friends faced too much pain and grief.

Now, I have to prove my innocence in the Thane city court in Maharashtra during trial. Crime Number 1-218/2012. Government of Maharashtra State versus Mohd. Abdul Saeed Khan. God help me!

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Date: 04/12/2015




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