Iran: Ahwazi workers once again targeted by the Iranian regime

Despite Rouhani’s promises during his campaign for Iranian presidential election in Khuzestan (AL Ahwaz) to bring just and equity to the local residents and particularly Ahwazi people, the dismissal of Ahwazi Arab workers and the unemployment rate in the province continue to rise.

The latest news from AL Ahwaz is that about 50 skilled and semi-skilled Ahwazi workers in well-known Abadan refinery have been fired by their employer and in turn have been replaced by non-Arabs incomers who are overwhelmingly unskilled workers.

The expelled Ahwazi workers said the company HR has extravagantly hired non-local and unskilled workers, taking over their only source of income which financially sponsored at least five family members for each worker. Further, the expelled Ahwazis said the employers have promised them to have their contract renewed or to extend possible offers of permanent jobs soon after the beginning of new Persian calendar; 20/3/2016. Instead, however, the workers were shocked with the unfair and unjustified HR termination decision.

The workers in protest against this unjust decision have desperately held a 48-hour strike and gathered in front of the gate 5 of the refinery, but the security forces have dispersed the crowd. This decision was similar to the predecessors and is part of the regime policy agenda targeting all Ahwazi classes with the aim to minimize Arabs population (Currently more than 70% of the region) in comparison to the non-Arabs settlers and to forge an identity for the province in opposition to its historic Arab identity (named by Iran as Arabistan

in their books and official correspondents till 1936).
The local companies throughout local and central authority’s influences avoid employing Ahwazi Arabs and in best situation, Ahwazi workers only get short term contract jobs so it will leave the door open for their Persian employers to terminate their contracts at any time. It will also exclude them from any welfare or other social benefits.
With the lack of powerful and independent civil society and NGOs in the region and in total Iran, any protest or grievances by the Ahwazi workers will be faced with more repression, such as detention, possible imprisonment and expulsion permanently.

Recently Ahwazi human right activists have revealed another leaked regime’s letter approved by the regime’s heads aims to eliminate AL Ahwaz identity and its inhabitant’s existence in their homeland by encouraging non-Arabs to migrate to AL Ahwaz with significant bonus and life facilities.


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Date: 12/05/2016





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