India: Systematic destruction of resources of Dalit Christian community

Dalits in India comprise 16% of population barring 7% of tribal population and Dalits are the indigenous community cutting across regional linguistic groups in the country. This community has been subjected to untouchability a kind of socio-religious exclusion practiced from four thusand years. A 0.9 % of them have been converted in to christianity during the colonial period. Now, with the independence declarartion in 1947 August although the constitution of India prohibits 'untouchability as a crime it is being practiced for all purposes by the advantaged groups called 'Savarnas' which means Right Coloured people. Therefore it is also severest form of racism based on descent and colour.

Along with Hindu Dalits those converted in to Christianity also suffer the same. Indian constitution categorizes Christians as a minority group irrespective of caste born. It also guarantees constitutional protection. However colonial rulers allowed missionaries to establish schools hospitals orphanages etc for the welfare of this neglected marginalized groups. Now with the rise of fundamental forces in India Christianity is seen as anethma. Therefore a systematic destruction has been devised by those 'Savarna rulers.

In this particular case, i would like to bring it to the notice of the international community that educational institutions and Schools in our community have become a target.

Protestant Lutheran missionaries have established hundreds of schools for Dalit converted children. During 1956 most of schools 900 in number have been taken over by the government of Andhra Pradesh. Now we have some twenty secondary schools for secondary level that is 6th to 10th classes. six years ago the government of Andhra Pradesh has withdrew grant in aid. Now the land mafia and dominant castes together occupying our lands, play grounds etc. Schade girls high School established in 1884 has become a target.

When we have resisted demolition of the schools and hostels by socalled lease holder we were attacked and hurt. Now a police case has been registered on me for attacking a couple etc. They use people from same community for this murky business.

At this need to protect our interests and our educational institutions which have been great resource. With the emergence of privatization in India School education has become a costely and expensive affair. Poor Dalits or Dalit Christians cannot afford such school education. unless these schools are protected our Children would be deprived of these resources. help us get back our resources that lost to the dominant cstes in the country.

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