DRC: Batwa killed and injured in Kahuzi-Biega National Park.

South-Kivu, DRC. Civil society organizations and Pygmies Communities from the province of South Kivu denounce the assassination of MBONE NAKULIRE Batwa child, occurred on Saturday 26 of August in Kahuzi-Beiga National Park.

The atrocity occurred around 09:00 AM of that Saturday morning, when unarmed Batwa child and his father were looking for medicinal plants and ended up being shot by park guards in the premises of KBNP, leading to the infant’s death and his father injured and fled from the National Park to Buyungule.

RAPY, ERND Institute Network, CPAKI, APDMAC, APED KIVU as intermediaries between the complainant MUNGANGA NAKULIRE (father of MBONE) and the DRC ICCN (Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature) authorities denounce and condemn the tragic events and the clear violation of Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The signing organizations demand that both legal and political authorities:

- Identify the authors of this double crime;
- Clarify the circumstances and responsibilities of the authors of such a horrible crime;
- Apply complete legal strictness and punishment to the authors of this crime, so that it never occurs again.
- The protection of the Indigenous Communities living in Buyungule in the edges of KBNP and the reparation of the victims traumatized in this specific case.

Signed in Bukavu on 29th August 2017 by the following organizations:

1. Donatien MUNYALI KACIBAASA (Coordinator of the RAPY)
2. Herman TUTEENE (Coordinator APDMAC)
3. Maitre Innoccent NTAKOBANJIRA (Advisor Technique ERND)
4. Achille Nelson (APD-KIVU Coordinator)
5. Aline WETEWABO (Coordinator have CPAKI)

Download original signed COMUNIQUE (in French) in the link below.

Photo: MRG / A Batwa male elder with his mother in the village of Bunyungule (where the victims lived)  

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Date: 30/08/2017


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