Mauritania: Authorities stop US anti-slavery group from entering the country

On Friday, September 8, 2017, a delegation from SOS-Esclaves was prevented by the police - following orders - from reaching Nouakchott Oum Tounsi International Airport where they were planning to welcome a visiting delegation of American civil rights militants led by Jonathan Jackson and Sean Terner. 

After a few moments on site, SOS-Esclaves President was notified by the Mauritanian Regional Director for Security that the American civil rights militants will not be authorized to disembark.

These militants were the guests of SOS-Esclaves. They have invited our organization in 2015 and have expressed their wish to visit Mauritania. The 2015 visit allowed our organization to get to know the Abolition Institute. This meeting responded to SOS-Esclaves peaceful approach to learn from all positive experiences and approaches in order to contribute to the promotion of social justice and to the virtues of conciliation and the guarantee of peace.

The American experience in this domain is incontestably very rich and can benefit all organizations throughout the world. We note that SOS-Esclaves is a patriotic organization which adheres to the principles of justice and democracy.

This attitude of the authorities does not honor our beautiful country; a country that must reconnect with the cardinal values of peace and hospitality. this kind of practices does not even serve the declared objectives of our leaders.

SOS-Esclaves takes this opportunity to demand the implementation of progressive measures which must not only be tailored for international consumption. Three anti-slavery tribunals have been created by the Government yet, we still have slavery dossiers pending. the ordinary tribunals have not yet transferred slavery dossiers to these newly created anti-slavery tribunals.

This situation reinforces SOS-Esclaves conviction for the necessity to recognize that Mauritania is rich of its diversity; the different communities must live in harmony in a Mauritania that is egalitarian, respective of justice and citizenship.

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Photo of the US Delegation by Jonathan Jackson (The Jackson File)


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Date: 13/09/2017




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