Turkey: Life without hope is no life (stories of Christian Syriac/Assyrian/Chaldean refugees)

They survived a genocide. They fled from radical Islamists, leaving everything they had behind. Now they are stuck in a Turkish city. They can neither return to Iraq nor could they live a normal life in Turkey.

They lack basic rights, they cannot work legally under the Turkish ban and their children are not allowed to go to school. They are forgotten by world leaders, not being eligible for visas or asylum. They rely on food coupons that the local churches provide them, when those are available.

They are Iraqi Christians living in Kirsehir in Turkey.

Click on the link below to read the full report, written by A Demand for Action, revealing the hardships faced by the 174 Christian Syriac/Assyrian/Chaldean refugee families living in Kirsehir, Turkey. The report tells the real stories of those awaiting their resettlement while trying not to lose faith seeing little or no progress in their application processes. It urges the international community to fill in the void where those refugees are currently trapped. 

Cover photo: Kirsehir by indietravel (Flickr)

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