Kenya: A visit to Maasai Mara


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Indigenous Maasai men, in Maasai Mara, Kenya, dance and sing a welcome song.
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Maasai women in a village in Maasai Mara make beaded ornaments and sell them to visitors.
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Mary is a peer advisor working for Pauline. She and her husband act as role models and they work in different villages to help empower women. Mary teaches women about their rights and fights to keep girls in school without being given in marriage.
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Maasai women share their stories of discrimination and abuse. They talk of the pain and difficulty associated with cultural practices such as polygamy and female genital mutilation. Maasai women play an integral role within the family and in society. They
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Pauline Kinyarkoo, a woman Maasai activist and councillor, addresses elders in the community about the importance of educating girl children. Discrimination and oppression of women is embedded in Maasai culture through practices such as female genital mut
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