India: Raising awareness about India’s Prevention of Atrocities Act among Dalits is a key issue to give meaning to the law

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This is a recording from the Minority Voices conference, held in Budapest in May 2010.

In this recording:

One World Action’s Tara Brace-John is introducing India’s Prevention of Atrocities Act specific for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. Based on this act, any person who is verbally or physically attacked or their property is stolen because of their belonging to any of the scheduled castes or scheduled tribes can register their case under a particular act. The government is obliged to give compensation in this case. It is very difficult to register a case though on a village or a town level because the district commissioner needs to be present during the registration. In addition, officers may easily try to divert victims away from registering the case. Raising awareness is therefore crucial to increase the number of cases registered. Tara is also talking about women’s police station, a police station with women police officers, as a way to encourage Dalit women to report their case to the police.

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Date: 27/01/2011




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