Nepal: Feminist Dalit Organisation celebrate International Women's Day

To celebrate the 100th International Women’s Day in Nepal, FEDO (Feminist Dalit Organization) hosted an event featuring photography, art and film with Alliance Française (a French cultural centre).

The event featured the film “Women are heroes” which shows a French artist travelling the world to photograph women who are victims of discrimination. He then helps local people put up the photos on huge canvasses in the streets, on buildings and trains to promote a powerful artistic and social message.
The event also showcased the work of NGOs working with marginalized women and represented disabled, Muslim, Madhesi, indigenous and Dalit women through stalls. Particular attention has been given to disabled women through the Kritika Campaign. Disabled women, even a one-legged person, danced, spreading a message of hope for change in behavior towards disabled women, and women in general.

To end the day people spread messages of hope by writing their thoughts on a mural painted by 8 artists.

Another event, the 2nd Social Women's Forum, was planned in Kathmandu for International Women's Day. However the government declared three days of mourning from March 6 to 8 after the death of former Prime Minister Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, requiring programs to be postponed. The Social Women's Forum was finally rescheduled and held on March 15 and 16. There, NGOs supporting women in Nepal gathered together for a rally, drama and dance performances to celebrate women’s voices and to support each other to carry on their struggle. As regards FEDO, a popular workshop on “How Dalit people can access the government” was held.

The celebrations confirmed that there are plenty of women ready to ensure discrimination against women in Nepal is a thing of the past!


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Date: 31/03/2011





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